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Alternative To Axis Edge (ACC) ?

I am looking for an alternative Edge (SD Storage) camera similar to the Axis Q1765LE . I require an outdoor model with a similar sized lens with remote zoom and focus and onboard storage. I do not require IR illumination. Ease of playback and remote downloading of video clips is important as well. I have used several Axis edge storage models (including the Q1765LE) using ACC and continue to have SD storage issues. This is a single camera installation and I do not want to run a VMS or a NAS.


You should look at Exacq's Edge Client. They took their VMS software and ported into a certain number of cameras (several Axis models but they also support IQEye and Vivotek) and it works exctaly like the exacq VMS but without any of the hardware overhead. Works well also. see here for their website and a list of supported camera models

Embarassing for Axis ACC! EEC uses same cameras (Axis' own!), same SD cards, and works well?

But might be pricey, after the fact, if still > $150 per camera.

A definite oppurtunity for Exacq or other Axis edge compatible VMS vendor to do a classic '$99' Save the Day Site License! Buy it and then have Axis reimburse you...Why Not?

Or maybe you could call both Axis and Exacq Tech Support at the same time and connect them together and say 'figure it out!'. :)

I would be more than happy to pay Exacq $150 to make the camera reliable however according to their camera compatibility chart , they do not support the Q1765-LE (which is ACC compatible).

Vincent, I wouldn't be surprised if it did work. The Q1765 is a new camera but typically new Axis cameras use the same firmware / interfaces as existing ones. I am guessing that Exacq has not officially tested / verified the Q1765 yet. I do think it's worth calling Exacq and/or simply trying it out.

Okay thanks John. I'll check.

I received a response from an Exacq representative who confirmed John's suspicion. He said that the Axis Q1765-LE hadn't been tested with their software but that "Edge should run on this camera it is an ARTPEC 4 based camera which we should support."