Alternate Ways To Access Video Streams

When I was in the Marine Corps they told me there was no such thing as a stupid question, but then after asking a question I was inevitably always called stupid. With that said: how can I access video streams other than via the cameras GUI or using the VMS? Below are the methods given in the standard Axis User Manual, but where do these paths get entered into? What about any other methods to view streams? And please, keep as simple as possible. Make it “Grunt Proof”.

Windows Media Player. This requires AXIS Media Control and the H.264 decoder to be installed. The following paths

can be used:

- Unicast via RTP: axrtpu://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp

- Unicast via RTSP: axrtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp

- Unicast via RTSP, tunneled via HTTP: axrtsphttp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp

- Multicast: axrtpm://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp

  • QuickTimeTM. The following paths can be used:

- rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp

- rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.3gp

VLC is the big one that people cite for alternate ways to access video streams.

I've let Ethan and others provide more details on connecting, etc.

Tony, I once learned (the hard way) that the rule "There's no such thing as a stupid question" has a distinct and dangerous corollay: "But, there IS such as thing as a stupid questionER."

This distinction is often served out to someone who either asks the same question twice, asks a question explicity answered in any required prep reading or, worse, asks a quesiton that has already been asked & answered while said questioner was busy daydreaming.

Yes, the USMC is an unforgiving bunch, and not big into repeating themselves :-)

Semper Fi.

I'm not overly familar with WMP or QT, but in VLC you go File -> Open Network, and put in the RTSP stream info. If auth is needed VLC will prompt you.

I know that it's roughly the same in WMP, I'd poke around in the File menu, or even google something like "how to open RTSP stream in Widows Media Player".