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All-In-One Elevator Camera?

Does anyone have any firsthand information on this?


Thanks for sharing. It looks like a homebrew packaging of a spycam inside a corner mount housing. The main limitation is that one can only watch the video by physically accessing the SD card from each elevator.

Elevator installs can be complex and costly (see our elevator surveillance guide). This looks like a 'poor man's' alternative.

Have no knowledge of this product. However recently we did do an elevator camera installation. We choose two different solutions. On an existing elevator with no plans to perform any upgrades we used Axis M3006 cameras with a wireless solution. This job is complete and works great.

On another elevator camera installation - this one we will be doing an entire elevator upgrade we again choose Axis M3006 cameras however since we will perform an upgrade we went with a fibor optics as the transmission path. This project is sold but tied t othe elevator upgrade that has not started yet. However is scheduled to begin in first quarter 2014.