All #GSX19 Tweets Summarized Here

For those that are too busy to follow the #GSX19 tweets this week, here is the summarized version:

The show is almost open!

We are so excited to be here!

Come to booth XXXXX to see our newest products

Honored to win the XXXXX award for YYYYY

Visit us in booth XXXXX for all you need to know about some product you don't really care about

We are [delighted | excited | ecstatic | thrilled] to launch our new product (that is basically like 100 other products already on the market)

Come to the keynote

Come to the breakfast session

Come the discussion panel

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, come to these sessions!

[photo of group of guys with dad-bods, and a token female]

Announcing our partnership with [thing or company you never heard of, or don't care about]

I will be in Chicago this week for GSX, come see me at booth XXXXX

[team photo in front of booth]

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