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Affordable VMS, Import Video, Find Face, Track Person?

I've been asked to find an "affordable" solution that firstly, allows the VMS to be fed an image of someone's face; secondly, has the VMS search for that person through the video footage already stored; and thirdly, then plots their movements during their visit as well as suggesting editing times accordingly. I can't even think of an expensive solution of the top of my head. Tell me if I'm mad to even think about this.

That's it? ;)

I am not even sure they can do that in CSI :)

The middle part is what a facial recognition / search system, like 3VR could do. And 3VR can import video but I am not sure about plotting, etc.

However, the big problem about importing video is that most video will not have the quality, pixel density, angle of incident, etc. to deliver reliable face matching / tracking, as finding people via their face requires much more constrained setup than typical video captured.

I know. I thought I had woken up in a CSI or James Bond studio. That being said John, have you heard of anything even close to this - hopefully at a huge 'offputting' cost? I just want to put this query to bed.

You could try 3VR with the limitations noted above.

There's also iDentify which has a case management system with built in facial search but I am not sure how it would import and search the video feeds.

There could be something else out there, on the case management or video forensics side. However, for VMSes, no.

Should talk to Google, their freeware Picasa photo editor/catalog program can go through all your photos and recognize and tag people. Doubt it works with video... yet...

Matt, I actually think that this is where the idea came from. When you have a clients young son keeping his father up to speed with technology, it can make life difficult............... Thanks for the input guys.