ADT: "Worst Year We Have Seen So Far"

ADT may not be going out of business, as they have broadcasted, but, by their own admission, they are hurting.

Watch the video:

What I don't get is why ADT is promoting this so heavily. Is it really that big of an issue for them?

In what way are they promoting it heavily? Do you think 20/20 was manipulated into making this?

If somebody came to my door now and said they were from ADT I might give them a hard time until they proved it. Once they proved it though it would be hard not to talk to them for a bit.

btw: Tyco sales up 30%, according to latest top 50 list.

Manipulated? No, This has the markings of ADT's PR people setting this up / nurturing the segment. 20/20 didn't beg ADT to do this.

As for Tyco, Tyco is a separate company from ADT. Why are you citing Tyco's growth as a counter to ADT's claim?

Btw, Tyco's growth number there (2013) includes the acquisition of Exacq. Not sure if 30% is right, but it's definitely skewed by the acquisition.

So they are seperate. I didn't see ADT on the list, and did see TYCO, though I now see they are listed as "Tyco Security Products".

I wonder why ADT didn't submit, they could have made the top ten with ADT, assuming they qualify under intrusion detection...

We're getting off topic, but you are putting too much weight into that list. Also, ADT is primarily a service provider not a manufacturer.

John, perhaps ADT is wanting people to perceive them as the victim. This seems all too common in the home monitoring industry. I would imagine that is not too happy with Choice Home Protection after seeing this video.

I believe the quote "worst year we have seen so far" was referring to the number of "lying and swindly people" switching over accounts. I don't think this necessarily reflects to their overall sales or health.

Yes, they are definitely talking about hostile / unethical account takeovers. What's not clear is how much of an impact this is having on their business overall.

That said, ADT's revenue growth rate is in the 0-5% range so they are in a low growth environment to start with.

My guesses:

First reason ADT promotes this is to educate its customers to beware of these tactics.

Second reason, I suspect, is ADT will push for legislation preventing this tactic in the future.