ADT Offers $25,000 Bounty Against Their Competitors

* Obligitory Fine Print: 'up to' $25,000.

ADT is offering a bounty on competitors slimeballs in the alarm industry. In this offer, the company claims money will be rewarded to anyone offering "proof that alarm companies have trained their employees to utilize deceptive sales practices."

ADT apparently wants to police things up after a recent whistleblowing incident:

"Evidence of such training can help ADT stop these bad actors. Recently, a concerned employee of another company provided ADT with a video, taken by him on his cell phone at a company sponsored meeting, showing a training session intended to teach salespeople how to claim false affiliations and use other deceptive techniques with the intent to deceive consumers."

Like any good alarm contract, ADT hedges payouts based on a percentage of any infraction settlement it chooses to litigate.

So, even if you are an obsessive glasshole and record everything you see, you still aren't likely to see a dime.

...but when have details ever dampened a witch hunt?