Addressing Jeremiah Boughton Accusations

Jeremiah Boughton, an executive at ONitAlert, has made a series of serious accusations against IPVM. [UPDATE - this has devolved into a series of personal attacks and vulgarities inside. We have closed the discussion.]

We address each one herein:

Given that we have 2450+ original posts covering a broad and deep range of video surveillance, I suspect most would not think it's a 'crazy claim' to say IPVM is the world's leading video surveillance information source.

Next is an accusation of IPVM misleading on Twitter:

We joined twitter, I believe in 2008 or 2009. Back then, we were IP Video Market Info, so I choose @ipvideo as our twitter handle. At the end of 2011, we switched to but the twitter handle @ipvm was already being used by a Brazilian church.

Next is a claim about IPVM allowing companies to track you:

The two companies are standard web services - one is for visitor statistics (essentially every professional site does this, we use clicky, others use google analytics, etc.). The other, New Relic, is for performance (how fast pages load, how long it takes for each SQL query, etc.) and is also a very common service. Neither services obtains any person's name nor email. Also, this is not done to 'paid members' but tracks all visits whether from humans or bots, etc.

Next point about IPVM and sexism:

If you think a 5 person company is sexist because it has no female employees so be it. We always 'lose money' when doing controversial posts because (1) during the time those posts are featured, people are focusing on those free, public posts and not on our paid content that drives membership sign ups. Plus, we offend powerful people, like yourself, who then criticize us.

Next up, accusations of selling data:

We have never and will never sell (or share member personal information - names, emails, etc.) to anyone else.

Here's an accusation of breaking a law:

Fair Use protects individuals for "purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research" and is limited to short excerpts. Under fair use, you can share with anyone, 'close colleagues' or 'worst enemies'. However, you cannot take whole works and simply redistribute them. Which leads to the next point:

Putting a document in your own Dropbox folder is perfectly fine, sharing them with other parties is the issues. Dropbox's copyright policy is very clear on this point: "You do not have the right to share files unless you own the copyright in them or have been given permission by the copyright owner to share them. Purchasing or legally acquiring video, music, ebooks, or software does not give you the right to share that material with third parties over the Internet."

I am happy to address any other concerns from Jeremiah or any other member herein. would you know if someone accessed a personal Dropbox of another person? Oh track people!!!!

We track website visits (clicky), just like every professional website. Those visits just show IP addresses, not personal names, nor emails. However, when people comment via Disqus, it records their IP address and the name they leave on the comment. If someone copies our full web page in a Dropbox account, it shows as a website visit. We then can manually cross reference the IP address of that visit to a Disqus comment.

John...the conversation is not meant for your Discusion Board so you can make money off of. Please use Twitter.

Why do you think I am going to 'make money' off of people accusing me of being a criminal sexist liar?

I am doing it here because having a reasoned, detailed, discussion constrained by 140 characters is infeasible.

Your IPVM Comment Stooge says differently! You also did not correct him which leads me to believe members have been wronged!

If you just wanted to see ip addresses...then why would't you just use Google Analytics? Instead you employ 2 data tracking companies (Clicky and New Relic).

Clicky is the same type of service as Google Analytics (it's like GM vs Honda). New Relic is a performance monitoring service. Here's an overview of it:

Addressing that and this:

Yes, 'John' sees member's names and emails when they login to their IPVM account. No, those names and emails are not shared with anyone else.

Yes, when someone posts 'undisclosed' (there is no anonymous function), we still have a record of who posted the comment (explained here). No, we have never 'ratted' anyone out. Prove otherwise.

"We have never and will never sell (or share member personal information - names, emails, etc.) to anyone else." - John Honovich

Another Lie - You use member information and post it on Twitter. This is considered "Sharing". You take from a Members only board and put on a Public board. Truthfully, you do make money of this because you want the Public Twitter people to come to your website and join.

You also have Google scan our information in Web Crawls so our comments are visible in Google Searches. Is this how you treat your paid customers John?

After more comments on here. We can stick to Twitter.

Wow, so I'm a "Comment Stooge" am I? Not even sure what that means, but I assume it's supposed to be an insult? *shrug*

Why does all this smack of Jeremiah simply having a personal grudge of some kind against John? He's trying (rather unsuccessfully) to disguise it as calling out questionable practices of this site, but the more the talks, the more it feels like some sort of personal attack.

The whole thing devolved into personal attacks on Twitter later on, with juvenile comments like:

I am dumbfounded at this point.

I think this is one of those times, John, where THE cardinal rule of The Internet applies:

I have to agree with Matt here.

And seeing all this pile of manure, I'm so glad I never used Twitter. Seems like another means for companiess to spam their crap at you.

Hillarious...only the common comment Stooges here! IPVM treats people like crap with bad journalism, now it is time for IPVM to go under the journalism microscope.

IPVM should be about education. Not TMZ crap, rumors, or having the IPVM Stooge gang attack paying members.

Personal? Yes...IPVM has launched a barrage of meme's on Twitter personally attacking me.



I see that you, or one of your IPVM workers, accessed my family photos and military photos late last night on my social media page (12:03 Central).  Why?  Are you going to use by daughters photo in one of your Twitter or IPVM meme's attacking me?  Or one of my Marine Corps friends?  My Best Friend in the Army who died in Iraq?  

Going into my family pictures has gone too far!!!  If you would like me to stop my journalism on IPVM and its tactics...then I will stop.  I will not put my family in danger.


If anyone at IPVM accesses my photos again, you will seriously see the Marine Corp come out in me!

You know, that last post made a tiny bit of sense, till that huge photo popped up.

@Jeremiah: "only the common comment Stooges here!"

Perhaps simply because nobody else feels you worth their time to comment about this inanity. I thought you said you were done posting on this thread?

Anyway, I figure IPVM must be doing something right, given that a few thousand subscribers feel it worth the couple hundred bucks per year to keep coming back. Do let us know when your Twitter feed becomes a similarly useful source of information, won't you?

Jeremiah, you allege, "IPVM has launched a barrage of meme's on Twitter personally attacking me."

No one on at IPVM has attacked you personally, here or on Twitter. There are 4 IPVM employees who have Twitter accounts - Brian, Carlton, Ethan and myself. Anyone can review those feeds and see there are no personal attacks against you.

Secondly, you allege that someone at IPVM accessed your (presumably) public social media page. I have no idea even where this page is, nor did I visit it. Even if someone did visit it, what is the harm? Are you claiming someone hacked into it? Can you share evidence?

You speculate that we may, presumably at some point in the future, use your child's or friend's photo to attack you. Obviously, we have neither attacked you nor anyone you know, nor will we in the future. And you are the one who has brought your child into this discussion by posting a massive photo.

Finally, you somehow connect someone viewing your social media page to IPVM 'putting your family in danger'. Again, I am dumbfounded.

Seriously, everything else aside, I really think you need to decompress a little. It's the Internet and anyone can too worked up about something. Try to step away for a few days and then re-evaluate.

I'm kind of curious as to how he can tell who's looking at his social media account (Facebook, one presumes), since the "See who's viewing your profile!" app is sort of the holy grail of account spammers.

And you're right, it's a little baffling how someone from IPVM viewing his "PUBLIC" page would suddenly put anyone in danger...

Of course, if it's a "PUBLIC" page, that probably means a ton of people who are reading this are now flocking there to see who this nutjob really is... you've certainly aided him in getting a bunch of people to check out his Twitter feed. If nothing else, he's managing to drive a bunch of traffic to himself... hmmmm, I smell a rat, not a troll.

Keep talking Matt. I love it. You will have to invite me up to Canada to go fishing.


It is about ETHICS!!!! Why did you look a pictures of my child? The one I posted above is the first picture from a Hawaiian IP address they looked at. That address then went on to look at my other pictures... specifically my Marine Corps photos and a memorial album for my best friend who died in Iraq. I do not know anybody who lives in Hawaii. Maybe it was not you but I highly doubt that since I have seen you go to my LinkedIn Website 4 times yesterday and then you proceeded to troll my on my Google Plus accounts. On top of have created meme's!!!! What information would you like from me? Would you like my Social Security Number? Would you like me to make stuff up about manufactuers that I have worked with in the past so you can write about it?

I am not the first or last person you have jerked around. Do you get your jolly's from it? I did not even know who the guy was in the link until yesterday. I have had over 40 people reach out to me in thae past 36 hours sharing their stories about IPVM and supporting me. I knew none of them before yesterday.

I am DEAD SERIOUS....Stay away from my daughter and family!!!!! If you check out any of my familys photos again you will see what a platoon of Marines can do to a family stalker!!! If I see you sniffing around anymore on my social media accounts, or cloud storage I will take action!!!! Total BS. I'm sure you will try to use this to market even further but others would do not mess with ones baby daughter or family.

How are you relevant in security???? You are an unethical jerk who will go out of his was to type libel and then spew slander at the coffee shop.

"If you check out any of my familys photos again you will see what a platoon of Marines can do to a family stalker!!!"

Nice. Screencapped for future evidence of issuing public threats. I'm sure the Corp would look favorably upon that.

Tell the Corps. You do not mess with a Marines Family or anybodys family!!!!!!!!! Semper Fi!

Jeremiah, now you are insinuating violence? "If you check out any of my familys photos again you will see what a platoon of Marines can do to a family stalker!!!"

Again, the first (and only) photo I have ever seen of your family or friends is the one you posted on IPVM. I have no idea who is going to your public social media pages but if you post it publicly, I am not sure how anyone could be 'stalking' it.

Finally, I will reiterate. Please consider taking some time to decompress and rethink your actions. These allegations are so wild and off base that they are making you look bad. your eyes and read. Insinuating violence? That would be no, unless that was your hawaiian IP address going through pictures of my child. You seem I was insinuating...does that mean your mind is sublimily telling you that you are guilty of looking at the pictures?

What I said...If you ever go to one of my Social Media sites again, or private cloud storage, and look at pictures of my child....then will have a major problem on your hands. Is that a threat? More like a caution. My extended family wants to report it to the FBI in case it was for pedaphilia. Since I know you looked at my Marine Corps pictures as well and I know your background, a little, I am holding them back. If this happens again though...I will get law enforcment involved. Pretty dirty John!

All this to stop me from doing journalistic tweets about IPVM in a similar manner IPVM does to Manufacturers, Integrators, and end users?

Maybe you should take a step back and stop posting things on Twitter to your Stooges. I have not posted anything since yesterday on Twitter and am only on here to tell you to back-off. But your so ornery with sociopathic tendencys, you cannot control yourself. Something tells me that you think you are "Untouchable".

Now you are insinuating pedophilia? And confirming a threat of physical violence?

Listen, go to the police right away and bring your charges. You are the one who should be concerned, given what you have alleged and threatened.

See this FBI webpage to report online crimes: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home I've used it before. You'll get a call from them within minutes if you complaint to them. These threats seem to be coming from a very unstable person, to say the least. He makes me think of [EDITOR REMOVED]. Best way to prevent catastrophes is by reporting any such people to authorities ASAP. He's obviously paranoid and truly needs help! You'll be doing him a favor by reporting him now rather than later.

Just giving my 2 cents ...

Nowhere did I insuinuate pedophilia you arrogent bastard!!!! Stop being an unprofessional spinner. If anything I insinuated you were not a pedophile... though I question the ethics of looking at my baby daughter. I threatend violence? More like I warned you that if you come near my family will have a problem.

I am officially out of this topic unless you bring my family into it again. Love how you brag about looking at my baby daughter on Twitter. Way to stay Professional John and IPVM!

Jeremiah, you published a statement that your family suspects me of being a pedophile. You do understand what libel is?

This is no longer about surveillance issues but made up, personal accusations that are absolutely baseless.

???? They wanted me to report the IP Address to the FBI "in case of pedophilia". Way to stay professional John!!!! Keep spinning!!!

Jeremiah, their evidence of pedophilia is that someone looked at pictures on your 'social media page'?

Let's be frank - what you are doing is a smear campaign. You've acknowledged threats of violence and you've engaged in a series of false allegations that have become increasingly personal. I advise you to stop immediately.

There are certainly things to criticize IP Video Market and your case would be far more effective if you kept it to professional issues. Please do not post any other personal photos or allegations.

Yes Sir...Great Leader!

I have no idea who this person even is but this guy should really find something better to do with himself besides expose himself to the world as a very immature and insecure person. Go spend some quality time with your family that you are so agressively out to protect from some unseen, imaginary internet attack instead of running your mouth in a forum where your words are the only thing you can throw around.

John, What a shame to waste all that energy on defamation of character. Usually this is not worth the time to reply and not worth the time to get involved. So many important issues and items of importance. I support IPVM and wish the best .

One thing I would suggest with these kind of items is non responsiveness or limited response. Being pro active, not reactive .

Its a tough situation to be in where your open to the public all the time and they don't always vent positive criticism. Positive Attitudes for building a better tomorrow. Wish the best.

I would advise to remove that photo too.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. While I appreciate it, I am not planning to do anything else here and considered this in the past now.

I have made myself a public figure and expect a certain level of criticism. While this was the most personal and unfair I have ever received, I can empathize with people getting temporarily excited and assume it was just that.

John, don't sweat it and don't worry about it but definitely don't address it anymore.

Can't you just block this guy from this site? I treat sociopaths by blocking and/or ignoring.

We have blocked people in the past, but I try to constrain it to those who repeatedly promote or personally attack over an extended period of time. If it continues, then yes. However, he has productively participated in other discussions over the last few days. I am willing to put this behind us so long as we do not have more incidents going forward.

John, why are you feeding a troll with under 100 followers on twitter? Just let him starve for attention...

John should be able to freely express himself about manufacturers (that's what we expect from him as members) without receiving personal attacks and illegal death threats. The only way to stop this insanity, IMO is via the authorities.

We're all paying IPVM for unbias reporting on companies. The fear that Jeremiah is spreading here should not stop that.

Ok John...this is getting crazy. No death threats were made or even implied. Unknown people comparing me to the [EDITOR REMOVED] even though I have personally protected our country from terrosits while serving 4 years in the Marine Corps.

i was on Twitter. You brought this onto this board. Please take down because I am personally being attacked with vailed threats now. When someone says death on a board...that is serious! If anybody I know is hurt, threatened, or put to death because of your discussion post, which was started by you, the blame lies on you when you could have ended it.

Glad to see I now have a post linking me to the [EDITOR REMOVED] on Google now due to your discussion. Would you mind giving me the undislosed persons name? If not take, please take down the discussion.

PS...I am not even a manufacturer. I no longer install or rep any product you talk about or any product in the surveillance or card access field.

Jeremiah, I removed the reference requested. That phrase now says [EDITOR REMOVED].

Only the title and first paragraph of the first comment is available on Google. The rest is member's only and not indexed by Google.

My 2¢ here:

John, I would take the allegations and threats seriously.

In this day and age, allegations of pedophilia can cause witch hunts and even long-term damage to reputations, even if proven baseless and admonitions of violence, even if somewhat veiled, often indicate a propensity toward such actions. Look at how many unbalanced people posted things that, after the fact, proved prophetic but were ignored or missed by people with the capability to prevent subsequent tragedies.

It's a tough call. I hope Jeremiah realizes that some of his statements went too far and that he will refrain from doing this again. Jeremiah, yes?

I will agree. I do hope you realize that you tend to go overboard sometimes. If a few thought I was scarry, even though I'm a teddy bear, then imagine what it will be like when you do piss the wrong person off. I am the guy that protects people from Bully's and "Tough Guys".

Like you...I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Your overboard was a new IPVM record, ok? ;) Let's leave at that and move on.

Do I get a trophy? Sounds good. Now get ready for copy cats.

Just let it go, Jeremiah.

Let's make it clear, if anyone in the future makes any threats of violence or personal allegations, I will immediately take legal action.

I strongly feel that Mr. Jeremiah Boughton has gone far beyond being extremely unprofessional. As a business owner I would not stand for this. For this individual to be representing a company as corporate executive is a disgrace to the company. My first reaction is how does a (would my) company recover from this? My second reaction is not to do business with the company that employs such a person.

Any associated organizations either directly or indirectly associated to him should reevaluate their position, such as the upcoming public speaking engagements in June & August 2013 for WH International Response Center Symposiums.

FYI - I have already pulled out. In fact, my company is not even formed as it is in personal development. I still have some software to fix. In fact, it could be another 2 years before you see it ...if I do not run out of money by then. When I wrote on this board, I did not do it under my 1 man company. I did it as Tech9ine which is another Company/App Group.

When you posted my 1 man non registered company above...I had to smile.

John, What is with all these undisclosed posts that you never allow? Also, as a paid member, why will my statements on this board be brought outside into the public? That is a major breach of privacy.

Jeremiah, there are undisclosed posts on many discussions, indeed on most discussions with more than a few comments. In fairness, given your statements herein, can you really blame people who want to protect their identities from you?

As for your privacy claim, I have not 'brought' any of your statements on this board to the public nor do I plan to.

Jesus Christ Jermiah,......... can you not just go outside for a long walk and smell the roses.......I'm not joking, go now!!

Please everyone, let's end comments on this discussion. Jeremiah, if you have any concerns, you are free to email me at and I am happy to respond. If there is something that needs to be said publicly, I am also happy to address that but I think it's for the best of everyone that we try to let this end. are restarting this up and now I am ready to go to authorities. You have people saying "death" to me on here. You have people comparing me to the "Boston Bomber". You have someone saying "Jesus Christ" taunting at my religion.

Why?...I have did nothing illegal. I am a paid member and should be respected for that. You are a Professional Journalist in the Public spotlight. I am not. You had a problem with a few tweets and you decided to go all out war with spinning accusations.

I request for this Discussion post to be taken down immedielty. If not, I will deffinelty think about going to authorities to seek IP addresses of a few undiclosed commenters that actually had true threats. In fact, I know I will just to protect family, friends and business associates from actual threats.

I will not sit around and have my Family, Friends, and Business Associates harmed or put to "death" or be labeled an accomplice to the "Boston Bomber". Hopefully none of the undiclosed messages are you...because that would be truly against the law and would fall under online bullying. In fact, that is what this whole Discussion is about online bullying.

I thought we were both stepping back and being grown men about this. I stopped posting IP Video rants on Twitter. Now it is your turn to be a MAN.

No one has said 'death' to you or that they want to 'put' you to death. The only mention of death was the person referring to your threat to me. He used the phrase, "without receiving personal attacks and illegal death threats" referring to your comment to me about "you will see what a platoon of Marines can do to a family stalker!!!"

As for your allegation that I am posting as 'undisclosed', I absolutely have not posted undisclosed and I can guarantee you that.

The bottom line is this - the only person who has threatened violence to anyone on this board is you. If you go to the authorities, you will be implicating yourself. Please consider that.

The sooner you stop posting, the sooner the discussion will end and people will move on to other things. By continuing to make new accusations, you are just drawing more attention to this.

John...This is Libel on your part!!!! This is what I said. Did you forget about the IF? No where did I give you a direct threat! It was a warning. This is a warning any father would give. If they did not give this warning then they failed at being a father.

"If you check out any of my familys photos again you will see what a platoon of Marines can do to a family stalker!!!"

Tormenting Jeremiah Boughton with a Discussion post just about him and even titled with his name.

Cyberharassment. Generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

Wis. Stat. § 947.0125

Jeremiah, I responded to your public accusations. You then decided, of your own free will, to make more accusations and threats/warnings.

You started and continued a public debate. You are evidently unhappy in how it turned out. I've repeatedly tried to defuse this situation and let you conclude this with some grace.

If you want to contact the authorities, that's fine. Please stop posting on this thread.

Hi I'm Ej and I'm a comment stooge. Now that I've accepted that which I can't control, this is my comment...

IPVM and John provide a valuable resource to the industry, it's his site, if he tracks usage of his site visits all the power to him. Site tracking was by default part of our website package not that I use it, but I can see our visits and for how long. THis is like saying the sky is what.

Jeremiah post someone viewed his public family pictures, then blames John with no proof....BUT then goes on to post a huge picture of his daughter. 1. Public is public, tough deal with it. 2. There is no proof presented it was John who looked. 3. Your posting her picture here defeats your own arguement and makes you look like an ass.

I never heard of your company but the google link:
Sign in - Google Accounts

provides this link:

which drops you at a godaddy page.

Maybe Jeremiah should focus on getting his company in order than worrying about what John says.

BTW, I don't know John, never spoke to him, never met him...but I'm more than willing to be his comment stooge in this case because it's obvious to me Jeremiah is out of line.