Access Control: What Should We Test Next?

We would like your feedback on what equipment/platforms we should test next for access control. Here are just a few ideas, and why we think they're interesting:

  • Fingerprint Readers: Test the differences between optical vs semiconductor strip readers to how they perform under various conditions
  • Biometric Shootout: In internal discussions, we've talked about testing fingerprint vs fingervein vs palm vs iris readers as a general primer and contrast between the technologies.
  • Platform Specific: We're considering platforms like Lenel, AMAG, S2, Honeywell, or Brivo. What would you like to see? Explain why you'd like us to test a recommendation, and disclose your affiliations please.
  • Long Range/UHF Readers: Testing a reader like NEDAP's uPass that uses something more than typical RFID tech to read credentials. Testing at 10', 20', or even 30' for vehicle applications
  • IP intercoms: 'Shooting out' stock offerings like Stentofon, Commend, and Aiphone an seeing how easy they integrate with leading VMSes.

Your ideas are welcome, and please tell us what you'd like to see. Please make sure you disclose manufacturer affiliations and explain your answers (like I did in the format above).


I would like to see IP intercoms and VMS integration

Hello Adam: Thanks for the suggestion - Any particular intercoms?


When it comes to full blown integration, platform specific, i would like to see a comparison to the Napco Fusion product.

Integration with Building Management Systems via standards based protocol such as BACnet.

Flying the flag as Canadian manufacturer's rep for DAQ EntroWatch and StarWatch, this is a market opportunity that is getting attention.

Hello Chuck: What's interesting about Napco Fusion?

Hello Brian:

BACnet would make for an interesting post topic, but traditional security companies (not controls conglomerates) rarely emphasize this as important.

My impression: The outfits selling HVAC and automation packages value it, but even then, fully integrated systems have a cloudy cost/benefit for almost everyone and are not common.

In the same vein as PSIM, integrated building management platforms are not likely test candidates.

I have some dealers that are very loyal to RS2. I would like to learn more about their product to see what all the fuss is about.


I'm definetely not someone who you would call an access control expert. But as Salto Systems getting more and more market shares and awareness AND is integrated in one of our main VMS system, I would love to see some comments on their "offline" network concept (SVN, Salto Virtual Network).

Salto indeed always seems to attract curiosity. Members who haven't see this before might be interested in: Can Salto Disrupt Traditional Access Control? We address the mechanics behind 'credentials networking locks'.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Would like to see Maxxess tested as an acces platform against other name brand offerings.

Barix lists integration with a couple known VMS systems. Also Stentofon.

Here in DeKalb Schools we use Continental Access CA3000 and have just started integrating Salient Systems Completeview. We will be doing a upgrade to version CA3000 2.9 this summer that will give us CS reporting of events in the access control system. SO video events from ip cameras will be reporting VMD events. We have our own CS recvrs and have added the Napco rcvr to accomplish this.

Maybe also have a comparison between Salto/Sallis wireless locks versus offerings from Assa Abloy (Aperio) or Ingersol Rand (this is specifically for the Salto wireless RF offerings and not the SVN offering, which is different).