Access Control For Pets - Recommendations Wanted...

What are people using for electronic access control of pets?

I'm aware of a few antiquated "mag lock" solutions, but actually I am interested in the newer RFID, both collar based as well as microchip implant technology. Specifically how well it works, how reliable it is. For 2 cats ~10lbs each.

Here is an example of one unit I am considering, up to 20 pet registration, flexible scheduling and usb connectivity, though a relatively weak reporting module, by human standards.

Und 1: "I have a 200 pound mastiff."

Me: "Where does he sleep?"

Und 1:"Anywhere he wants!"


Ok, you got your joke in.

Now how about we move to serious discussion about the all too common practice of feline 'tailgating', aka kitty-backing?

This is easy. BLE. Because, everyone and their dog as a cellphone right? ;)

I would use a turnstile with some feline paw-mapping biometrics. That will eliminate the kitty-backing

As much as this idea is absurd, cat biometrics is a real thing:

If there IS intelligent life on other planets that visit Earth......I wonder what they think of us?

They probably would think the pets are in charge...

Being a little more serious, how about using a 'key fob' prox card on the collar. I don't think that you'd be able to get close enough to activate the reader though..

I tried using fingerprint biometrics but found too many errors.

.....though a relatively weak reporting module...

Keep looking, because auditing when Fluffy is coming and going is vital. ;)

We've become pet-obsessed in this country.

HID has that new Bluetooth reader that can read in ranges from 0 30' and can be put in many forms (i.e. dog collar).

The problem will be battery life. NFC would be better, but you'll need a range of 12" minimum to hit the reader

Has anyone ever administered a 125khz shot of subcutaneous Wiegand?

Seems tricky.

Related: Office Puts RFID Chip Under Staff Skin

So I bought a Wiegand MagLock for Kitty Flap with Dermal Embedded Enrollment, about $120.

I must say Animal A/C may be the most exciting thing to hit the industry in decades.

Specifically, I found that Feline Access is not merely a subset of the Hominine Access were all used to, but has its own set of challenges.

For instance, consider the so called 'tailgating' problem with access control for people. 'So called' but with cats though, it is literally tailgating. The length of a cat tail and the overlap it can have with the next varmit's head coming thru the door, make 'hard' anti-passback strategies cruel and unworkable.

Why they don't call it tailgating in my manual is beyond me though, they say instead

This setting will not prevent a cat that is not allowed out following 'head to tail' another cat that is allowed out.

Works well, but I am concerned about it being hacked considering the number of Wiegand expoloits currently 'in the wild'.

Maybe it's the pets who will soon be in the wild given the number of Wiegand exploits. It certainly gives one a moment of paws.