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Access Control For Dummies?

First came dummy cameras, then dummy DVR's, but are you kidding me?

How does this thing even work in theory? Is the door behind it totally unlocked?

Does anyone authorized to enter have to be told to fake key input in case someone is watching???

They claim extended battery life and I believe them, but something tells me anyone who would buy this might even be reckless enough to run it unpowered...

It's dummy because no one uses keypad for credentials... :)

This one also work well with Prox, Iris Scan and Gait detection too...

The deluxe model adds a solar powered batman calculator.

Yeah but the premium package comes with:

Yard sign/Window decal

Dummy Camera w/blinking LED!

Audio recording of angry dogs barking.

If ever there was a case where a dummy led to a false sense of security, this is it.