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Access Control - Credentials Question

Are any of you familiar with the Hirsch access line at all?

They have a card reader that is a HID reader (reads Indala and iClass as well as Legacy 125 KHz)

I called one of my distributors and the Sales Support guy said Hirsch might restrict readers that aren’t Hirsch, or the cards might not work on that as they might be Hirsch cards…. In my experience, I think he's mistaken. The controller will usually decide what format it accepts, but the card should read whether it’s an HID or Hirsch product. HID readers read a pretty broad range on the spectrum.

I’m doing this as a favor for an EC, maybe get him the 70 readers at a lower cost than what the Hirsch guy is quoting him.

Do you see any issue with using the actual HID reader instead of the HID manufactured Hirsch equivalent? I don’t.

Just to rule this out: Hirsch ScramblePads only work with Hirsch panels. Do your readers include pinpads?

Here is what the spec demands

new card readers that are HSPD-
12/FIPS-201/NIST compliant and GSA approved [similar to HID
iClass/Prox/PIV – WS; Hirsch Model #CR-ICRP40PIV; or equal]. The card
readers shall be able to read the current 13.56MHz PIVII card and Legacy
125 KHz prox card.

The reader you linked to is straight up an HID reader. BUT, I don't think it's a standard model. I'd get in touch with HID and tell them exactly what you're looking for, and get them to generate the right part number. Using their "How to Order" guides was always a start, but a giant pain, too.

My guess is that this is a state or federal bid based on the strict format requirements. The only real advantage to using Hirsch is that it is likely on a GSA schedule. It is the exact same reader from HID. Hirsch does make their own readers but iClass is iClass and is an HID only format. This reader is not special for Hirsch just because it has a Hirsch PN.

We are Hirsch dealer – I can bounce this off the local Hirsch applications engineer if you would like an official answer.

Do you know if this will be used on a Hirsch system?

It will be used by a Hirsch system. Yes, it is on GSA and it is for a government bid.

Looks like the CR-ICR40PIV is no longer available through Hirsch and has been replaced by CR-PC-RP40. FIPS 201, PIV, MIFARE and iClass reader. Hirsch reads standard HID readers as long as they are connected to a MATCH reader interface board or (MRIA). Unlike traditional access control, with Hirsch, you have to have this extra MRIA board between the panel and the HID reader. If you are using Hirsch readers, it connects directly to the panel. Although this reader has a Hirsch PN#, it is still an HID reader and would require this additional board.

I wonder if your EC’s quote has this MRIA board included for each reader driving up the cost? You can expect this to add somewhere around $125 to the price of the reader.

Hirsch as a new MX panel that does not require the additional MRIA board.

Looks like they are using the Hirsch Digi*Trac Model No. M8N2
(8-door, 15 VAC) Controller w/Enclosure

Sounds like I should recommend they stick with finding a Hirsch dealer.