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$99 NVR For Sale On Amazon?

See: $99 NVR. What do you think? Have you tested it? Is it for real?

That is from Nellyssecurity. I spoke with them to get an understanding of how they are selling an 8 channel NVR for $99 (which is a pretty eye popping price).

Here is what they said:

  • It's a regular price, regular new product, not a promo or gimmick.
  • Hard drive not included
  • Works with many ONVIF cameras they have tested with, however only Dahua cameras work solidly with ONVIF motion detection to date
  • Search / video replay is limited to 2 simultaneous channels.
  • Free CMS client, Android and Apple apps
  • Reports no defective units to date (though selling well on Amazon)
  • Notes that they have "customized firmware that looks very similar to the Dahua interface so it wouldn’t be a totally new learning curve for our current customers."
  • 1 year warranty and support from them

It sounds like the $39 NVR we recently tested though the big differentiator here is that you have a US company to deal with issues (which is certainly important).