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5 -12 MP Recommendations

Hi Folks,

Up until now our 3 MP Mobotix has been working great but we have a construction progress job coming up where we are bidding against large MP and we need to match that. Anybody have any working experience with these high MP cams? We need an outdoor system that takes a photo every 15 or so minutes and we ftp over our cellular network to a website for our client.


If you like Mobotix, there is the new/upcoming 5MP version.

Btw, we recently had a related thread on 10MP camera options.

I received a 5MP Mobotix image and it looks great. Not sure when they will be released though...

Use Avigilon IP soluiton...They have good higher MP line up with moderate bandwidth to work with your requirement.

The problem with Avigilon over 5MP (i.e. their PRO series) is that it is all proprietary so if you are trying to connect it to any 3rd party system, it is going to be a problem. Does anyone know if the Avigilon PRO cameras even support FTPing images?

They don't support the ftp feature without a workstation.

I have a 10MP Sentry 360 loaner coming to the office, will advise when we are done testing.

Thanks everyone