48 Channel Analog Dvr

I'm looking for recommendations for a 48 analog channel dvr. I would like to be able to add high def cameras (up to 2 mp), but this is not critical. Must have vms that allows remote viewing of all cameras. Ideally would also support expansion to 64 cameras.

Thanks in advance for all thoughts.

Is this for a new deployment or are you looking to utilize some components of a legacy system?

Timothy, does it have to be a single machine that supports 48 channels? Related, is there a size requirement (i.e., no more than 3RU)?

And can it be any manufacturer (i.e. does it matter who / what the VMS is)?

Brian, John, cameras are existing. Currently 3 16 channel Digital Watchdog 480 are handling the cameras. Customer is not happy using 3 IP addresses for remote viewing, using Pivot and using a video switch to direct video to single local monitor. They would like to be able to see any/all cameras on network or via monitor without switching back and forth between DVRs. Have at least 6 RU worth of space available. Can be any manufacturer. Thanks, Tim

Customer is not happy using 3 IP addresses for remote viewing, using Pivot and using a video switch to direct video to single local monitor.

Pivot doesn't let you combine channels from different DVRs on one screen?

Timothy, can you use a network client to view? If so, you should be able to view any camera from any recorder at the same time.

Or, think of using encoders and a proper VMS server, instead of a DVR. We did this for a project where we took 64 analog cams off of DVRs and added them to the existing 20+ IP cams to a new DW Spectrum server (two actually). We have since added more IP cams, and are installing a third server this month for more additional IP cams this year.

The bonus for us, while using DW Spectrum, was that the licenses we bought for the analog cams will be valid for their IP replacements when that day comes.

We used Axis M7016 encoders, but you may look into other alternatives if cost is an issue.

Also, using DW Spectrum, we can now view all of the cameras from a single client login.

Hello this is Paul Krofssik from Digital Watchdog

You have a couple of options with your existing gear

We can do some rearranging using port forwarding and we get the recorders using 1 IP and use the existing Pivot Software

The Pivot Software allows you to see up to 64 cameras on 1 screen (it does support 2 monitors for a total of 128)

This is the option that requires no extra investment on your part

Here is my email paulk@digital-watchdog.com or Phone number 813-494-4494

Now if we want to add HD over coax option we have VMAX AHD recorders we can add and use the same software (Pivot)

Also, after re-reading the OP, I may have another low cost solution, as well.

If you only need live viewing, and not playback, you can use DW Spectrum for free as a live view client with your existing DW DVRs. You only need licenses to record. The client software is always free.

Thanks to all for your input. It appears that the customer will use the pivot with A1 DVRs.