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3MP PTZ Options?

Hi Folks, I'm having trouble locating a 3 MP or greater outdoor PTZ with an optical zoom to 500%. Does anybody have any recomendations?


Optical zoom is typically specified like 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x? When you say 500%, do you mean 5x or something else?

There are quite a number of 1080p PTZs, but I don't think there are many 3MP and I doubt there's any real 5MP PTZs.

Specs just say 500%. My feeling is that the architect just regurgitates what the "vendor spec" is and really doesn't know what he or she is talking about. In this case the vendor that the architect used as a refernce is a firm called Multi Vista. I've look at their website ( but it seems that they have 2 separate systems and the architect clearly states a single system....

Oh boy, here we go again with architects ;)

500% I suspect means 5x because that is 500% range from min to max. Actually, that's fairly low. You can easily get MP PTZs with 20x (or 2,000%) zoom.

MultiVista is a construction webcam provider, like Earthcam I suppose. What's weird is that MultiVista is simply listing COTS Axis fixed dome and PTZs.

Well, from Dahua there is the SD6583A-HN

However, please note the following caveats of this camera:

1. its only 15fps at 3MP -> this is not ideal for a PTZ that is going to be moved around alot.

2. Its running Aptina's new true WDR chipset - but the double exposure WDR mode only operates at 1080p (2MP) resolution mode.

Finally, I just want to point out that there is VERY little picture quality difference (max 6% in fact) between 2048x1536 3MP and 1920x1080 2MP. With 3MP all you really get is just extra coverage on the top and bottom (about 20% on the top and 20% on the bottom extra)

Thanks Bohan, will look into that!