Pushing 4MP With Motorized Lens At Half The Price Of The 5MP From Hikvision And Dahua

There seems to be big push on the 3 and 4 megapixel cameras from the low end guys. A company who I use to source my Hikvision (OEM) is no longer offering the 5 megapixel cameras they are pushing the 4 Megapixel with motorized lens at half the price of what the 5 Megapixel product was.

Is this a new technology or what?

I know for sure the supplier is selling Hikvision(OEM) even though they deny it. As I can do Hikvision firmware upgrades

4MP is the new technology using new sensors. See: The 4MP Shootout - Dahua vs Hikvision

Yes, that push for 4MP is similar to what we are seeing.

The 4MP Shootout - Dahua vs Hikvision

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Keith, best I can tell is 5MP is 'old' technology and there's little new 5MP coming out.

6MP was the new push last year. 4MP is the new push now. Main difference is that 4MP, as you noted, is being sold at very low prices, even for Chinese levels.

I am not sure what will happen with 6MP either as it seems the 3 tiers being emphasized right now are:

  • 1080p - budget / low-end
  • 4MP - mid-tier
  • 4K - high end

Edit, also special categories will remain like 1080p super low light / Darkfighter / Starlight / etc.

John, you are right. However for low light performance you can still not beat the 2MP sensors so there will still be a mid-high end line of 2MP cams for the foreseeable future

Good point. I edited the above breakdown to mention that.

Lol, I am going to take a guess on your supplier... its 3 letters, starts with a L, ends with an S. Excellent service.

Yep, all hikvision. Good bang for the buck...but I always feel like theres something "better" out there. I guess its with working with cameras so much, what I see as mediocre, my customers are absolutely amazed by.

From what I feel, 3MP (actually 3.1MP) seems to be the norm across the board right now, and even that ... is towards the end of its "lifecycle"... and I think the new norm is starting to be around 4MP (4.1) and 6MP...and seems they skipped 5MP all together. 12MP is slowly starting to creep in.

We've been looking to source direct from China but haven't found a reliable source we trust. Who is the OEM mentioned in the thread above....L_S? They sell Hikvision?

UD3 Some times I use them. Lots of sources for Hikvision and Dahua its about 10 days DHL shipping right from the horses mouth. Buy low enough and warranty/support is a non issue. There was a 5 MPEG motorized from them that worked well. They don't know how to sell upper priced product and the trunk slammers don't buy it.

Who is the supplier you mentioned? L_S? Looking to buy from a reliable source from China. Do you recommend them?

LTS Security. They just rebrand Hikvision. Never heard of UD3...going to look into them.

Keith was referring to you as UD3 because of your posted username...don't try to look them up, it's you.

lol, it sounded like a security company.

I wonder if the have companies over there selling Hikvision and Dahua knock offs. Or is it illegal for china to knock off their own products? Be care full.

Old 5mp was based on Aptina sensors which was a bit pricey.

The new 4MP is using the very affordable yet quite good OV4689 Sensor combined with either Hisillicon or Ambarella. But soon another 5MP @ 30fps will be introduced a very low in price will be based on OV4689 and a high end will be based on Sony Starvis.

Omnivision has begun mass production of a 10.5 MP @ 30fps sensor as well(OV10823):

"In terms of image processing, bandwidth, and playback capabilities, we view the security market as ready to take the leap into ultra-high resolution 4K video. Up to this point, a critical missing component has been a high performance image sensor that can deliver the required image quality and video specifications. The OV10823 is designed to provide exactly that capability," said Chris Yiu, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision. "The OV10823 is a no-compromise image sensor that can bring exceptional image quality. In conjunction with our partners' 'intelligent' algorithms, this new sensor can form a key part of new security systems with advanced features such as video analytics and automatic detection and tracking."

@UD3 Gen IV out of Ohio has some nice rebranded/unbranded Dahua.