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A 180 Degree Camera That Also Gives You A 90 Degree Vertical View?

Hello there,

Does anyone know of a 180 degree camera that also gives you a 90 degree vertical view? I am aware of Mobotix D14 but are there any other ones?

Do you mean wall mounting it or? I am not sure what you mean in this context.

Do you mean something like Vivotek's cube panoramic?


Yes, it is going on a wall but hoping for a pendant mount to get the camera facing down. I like that Mobotix gives me the coverage with its dual lenses at 90 degree and it gives me a very good vertical coverage as well but it lacks FPS running on MJPEG and with no H264 I am out. The Vivotek cube camera may not do the job since it uses a single lens... I need it to give me more zooming capabilites than a single lens camera.... unless you know something I dont.... which you typically do :) The coverage I need is about 60 yards.

If you want more 'zooming' and pendant mount, perhaps an Arecont 180?

I like the Arecont 180 but it lacks verticle coverage like the Mobotix. I think the Mobotix lens give you around 80 degree verticle coverage and 90 degree horizontal coverage while the arecont give you only about a 40 degree verticle coverage. I could be worng since I ma going out of what I remember and not specifications.

Have you considered the Immervision/Fujinon lens?

Not sure if the pixel density dropoff is too steep, but it would give you the FoV coverage you're looking for.

Here is a cheap one with 80 degree vertical coverage: