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The 29MP Red Light Cameras Of ATS

Rukmini Wilson
Apr 30, 2014

Here's an interesting video on ATS's 3000+ red light cameras...

Sounds like every install has a still camera, video camera, a strobe and a sensor for > $100,000... Not bad work if you can get it...

The camera system is branded AXIS Axsis RLC-300 and made in the USA, sure... Does anyone know what they really are? JPEG2000 perhaps?

Best quote: "That means we make up about 50% of the industry...., and then the other vendors make up the other 50%"... You don't say?

John Honovich
May 01, 2014

So Axsis has a 29MP camera now?

And $100,000 per camera? They need to be handing out quite a lot of tickets to cover that cost.

In fairness, they might be replacing dozens of standard definition traffic cams....

Rukmini Wilson
May 01, 2014

And $100,000 per camera?

At least its a real camera, check out the fees on what may be the first dummy camera system to generate RMR! Real pole with empty strobe box with dummy camera + enclosure (mensa tested to IQ66). Only $500 this month, $500 next month, every month.

I didn't know that they even had dummy red light cameras.  There could be legal ramifications if someone was relying on the presence of apparently real red light cameras, (which since they were dummies, may have created a false sense of vehicular safety) and therefore didn't look both way before being intersected.  ;)

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