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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth The Price?

Michael Budalich
Feb 05, 2014

I was looking at LinkedIn Premium but thought it was pretty over priced. The inmails are helpful in some instances, but a personal connection, in my opinion, is always much more worthwhile and everlasting.

Anybody want to play Devil's Advocate and convince me the Premium Subscription service is worth 400 bucks a year?

John Honovich
Feb 05, 2014

As a reference, here is the pricing / features overview:

Melissa Marcella
Feb 05, 2014

I would weigh in on paid job postings and the need to still have premium / pay for InMail to actually connect with applicants outside of your network. Can't even send polite response indicating application was received and is being revewed without InMail.

My opinion, not worth it except for InMail.

Andrew DeMattos
Feb 06, 2014
IPVMU Certified

I have utilized the premium in the past but didn’t find it to be worth the money. What I’ve done more recently, is look up companies in LinkedIn and find C level contacts that are in my network. From there I simply apply the old school approach and either call the company directly and drive and walk in and ask for an appointment.

If I was using LinkedIn for hiring purposes, I would utilize the InMail premium feature to inquire with qualified candidates.

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