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Guidelines for Testing IP Cameras

What is the best way to test an IP cameras? We have established guidelines for our tests. These guidelines are listed below for your review and com...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

3 Key Differentiators in Megapixel Camera Testing

3 important differentiators among the cameras I am currently testing: Effective or 'true' resolution: The stated pixel count (1.3MP, 2MP, etc) i...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Do Megapixel Cameras Provide Better Image Quality?

Pixels get all the attention but image details are what is really important to video surveillance users. The more image details, the more cases tha...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Testing No Config IP Camera Remote Viewing (StarVedia)

Managed IP Video is hot but one of the key practical problems is making installation simple. While local access is trivial, remote access of IP vid...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

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