Terms and Conditions of IPVM Subscription

Two fundamental terms restrict the use of an IPVM PRO subscription:

  • Do not use IPVM research for promotion.
  • Do not share your access / password with any one else.

Violation of either of these two terms will result in immediate termination of your subscription.

Outside of these two restrictions, you are free to read any number of reports at any time as many times as you want. You may also copy our research for your own personal use. Finally, within the bounds of fair use, you may publicly copy excerpts of our research for criticism, news reporting, teaching, etc.


Subscribers may NOT use any of our research to promote the sales of products even if we say something positive about a specific product, manufacturer or technology. Promotion is the use of IPVM's brand, logo or name in any communication to 3rd parties citing excerpts of our research referencing one's products, company or technology or one's competitors.

Subscribers may post comments on IPVM that advocates the use of a product so long as (1) the comment is relevant to the topic being discussed, (2) the commenter explains why it is relevant and (3) the commenter fully disclose their real name and company affiliation up front. subscribers are not allowed to post anonymous comments that promotes the sale of products they represent.

Eliminating promotional use is essential for IPVM to deliver genuine information and build trust with the community.

Calculator Project Exception

Subscribers who create their own projects / calculations using the IPVM Calculator may use this for promotion, given that it is their own work, rather than IPVM's.

Limits on Sharing Content

Sharing limited excerpts of IPVM content is allowed under the 'fair use' doctrine, so long as it is non promotional. However, IPVM retains all copyright of content on IPVM.com. Any questions, please contact us for express permission.

No Sharing Access / Passwords

One's IPVM login may only be used for a single person. Logins and passwords may not be shared between multiple people. If a co-worker wants access, a Group subscription may be purchased and a login/password may be generated for them. If a friend or acquaintance who is not a co-worker wants access, they must purchase their own subscription.

We regularly monitor IP addresses of user logins and can detect patterns of sharing.

Minimizing sharing of passwords ensures that we can continue to invest in developing the world's best surveillance research.