2014 (January) Video Surveillance Current Events Test Quiz

Tests your knowledge of notable acquisitions, product releases and financials from the second half of 2013.

1 Exacq was acquired by what company?*
2 How much was Exacq acquired for?*
3 Panasonic Acquired a VSaaS Company. Who was it?*
4 Which traditional software only VMS launched the Husky line?*
5 Which storage manufacturer imploded in 2013?*

Axis lost a major VSaaS partnership with whom?

7 Which of these companies generated the most video surveillance revenue in 2013?
8 Avigilon's 2013 revenue was closest to which number?*
9 Which camera company released an IP door controller?*
10 Which company was punished by the US government for security flaws?*
11 Which emerging camera technology did IPVM readers express the most interest in?*

*Required question