Video Surveillance 101 Quiz

This tests basic knowledge of video surveillance that even a junior person or someone with minimal experience should have. Doing well on this does not make one an expert BUT doing poorly indicates a potential problem for surveillance users or industry people.

1 You want a wide Field of View for your camera. Which of the following will provide the widest?*
2 What does the F number of a lens indicate?*
3 When using infrared illuminators, what do you give up?*
4 What is the relationship between bits and bytes?*
5 NVRs can be accessed over the Internet but DVRs cannot.*
6 You want an operator to follow people moving hundreds of feet away from a camera's location. What camera type should you use?*
7 What is the horizontal by vertical pixel count for 1080p?*
8 An analog camera can run over Category 5 cable.*
9 What is the most widely adoptedĀ 'standard' for connecting IP cameras and VMSes?*
10 What is the most common codec used in video surveillance?*

*Required question