30 minutes
IP Video Networking 101 Quiz

How well do you know IP networking for video surveillance? Test on the fundamental elements of computers, connections and bandwidth.

1 When would an IP camera most likely want to have DNS information configured?*
2 What PC tool displays real time bandwidth consumption?*
3 What are the best practices for checking camera and VMS firmware/software?*
4 What does 100 Mb/s stand for?*
5 All else equal, what CODEC usually delivers the lowest bandwidth consumption?*
6 What type of IP address is used most commonly for home/consumer PCs?*
7 What type of IP address should you typically use for IP cameras?*
8 How much can bandwidth vary among IP cameras?*
9 Which is larger - 10 bits or 10 bytes?*
10 If you make a mistake entering in the default gateway, what will happen?*

What address indicates a problem connecting to an IP network when using DHCP?


Of the following, which is the best way to select an IP address for an IP camera?

13 What does 'pinging' do?*
14 What command will show a PC's IP address?*

*Required question