120 minutes
Camera Fundamentals Knowledge Test Exam

You have 120 minutes to complete and can only take this once. Any questions email us immediately - brian@ipvm.com

You may use the IPVM Camera Calculator or IPVM Camera Finder for any questions.

1 What is another common name for H.264 compression, DRF, or quality in camera settings?*

What camera type maximizes performance of perimeter detection video analytics?


To capture license plates ~300 feet (100 meters) away, which fixed camera form factor below is most appropriate?


A lens length of 11mm on an 1/2.7" imager camera is closest to what horizontal FoV degrees?

5 Opening the iris fully has the added benefit of increasing the camera's FoV. *

Which manufacturer is a major backer of the HD analog format HD-CVI?

7 Which of the following statements is LEAST accurate?*

Andy is standing 50' away from a camera with a 90° AoV. What is the width of the scene where Andy is standing? (answer in feet)

9 What is the typical aspect ratio for corridor or hallway modes? (answer in 'x:y' aspect ratio format)*
10 A consultant recommends using camera A instead of B, because A has a lower minimum illumination rating (i.e., lux) than B. What should you do?*
11 What's the best camera type to capture facial details of a person walking through a doorway facing the sun?*

What is the horizontal pixel count of 1080p (Horizontal x Vertical)?

13 What common IR wavelength will produce the most visible red glow when looking directly at the IR source?*
14 Which of the following is a common negative side effect of using DNR?*

What is the PPF of a 1080p camera when the Field of View is 14' wide? (IPVM Camera Calculator)

16 You are told Camera A consumes 5 MB/s while Camera B consumes 12 Mb/s. Which of the following is correct?*
17 When used in 'Hallway Mode' or 'Corridor Mode', what is the horizontal pixel count of a 1080p camera? (Horizontal x Vertical)*

Which form factor below, without any additional equipment, is the most vulnerable to vandalism or tampering?


Which is most likely to cause motion blur?


Which streaming mode below fixes the quantization level?


A VMS manufacturer's storage calculator most typically:

22 Bill is configuring a camera and wants to allow the bit rate to change, but only up to a certain level. What bit rate mode should he use to achieve this?*

An entrance 15 feet away requires 70ppf. What is the minimum resolution needed? (IPVM Camera Calculator)

24 Which widely supported API provides a common interface for network devices like IP cameras and video storage?*
25 How much less vandal resistant is IK7 than the IK10?*

An IP camera has a default quantization level (or q level) of 27. What happens if you lower it to 13?

27 Which ONVIF Profile applies to camera streaming? (Answer with single letter)*

What is the direct cause of bandwidth reduction when IR illuminators are used in low light scenes?


Which common surveillance compression codec uses intraframe compression only?


You disabled automatic gain control of a camera in a very low light scene. What will most likely happen?


Which option is better when you want to record details happening in unpredictable locations near the camera?


If everything else is equal, which option below offers the broadest focal length range?


A doorway 25 feet away, with a 80°AoV requires 50ppf. Of the options provided, what is the minimum resolution needed? (IPVM Camera Calculator)


A vehicle entrance 25 feet wide requires 70ppf. What is the minimum resolution needed? (IPVM Camera Calculator)


What shutter speed below allows the least light exposure time for the image sensor?


What is the horizontal pixel count of a 5MP camera? (IPVM Camera Calculator)


What two drivers below determine F stop?


In what way does the scene width (in feet / meters) change when a subject moves closer to a camera?

39 Which of the following statements is LEAST accurate?*

Which smart CODEC technique typically delivers the most significant bandwidth reduction?

41 Which of the following is a problem when using integrated IR cameras?*

Which answer below best describes digital zoom versus optical zoom?


Which of the following best describes 'smart CODECs'?


Which option below is typically more acceptable in simple scenes with little motion / moving objects?


Of the options below, what is the strongest potential advantage of fisheye panoramics over multi-imager panoramics?


What is the maximum number of real frames a camera can produce in one second when set to 0.033 shutter speed?

47 How much does the FoV width increase for every foot away from a panoramic / 360° camera? (Approximate)*

A box camera mounted on a building with a 9mm lens monitors a driveway entrance 75' away. To ensure a deep FoV, what should you do?

49 What does IPVM consider to be 'true' WDR for MP cameras?*

Which of the cameras below are true WDR, true Vandal, support Corridor Mode, and 1080p? Use: IPVM Camera Finder


*Required question