Camera Calculation / Design Quiz

Test how well you understand camera design and using the IPVM camera calculator to visualize video performance. Use the calculator to answer the questions.


What does this snapshot below show?


How many PPF / PPM are the images below from the IPVM Calculator?


With a 4K camera and a 90° AoV, how far from the camera (in feet) can you deliver 80ppf?

4 You want to get facial details of a person 500' away from the camera. What is the minimum camera resolution you should use?*

Of the following, which is the best choice for the horizontal pixel count of a 4K camera?

6 Which of the following is least true?*

What is the FoV / AoV, in degrees, of the scene from the IPVM calculator below?


You want to get facial details 70' away in an area 126' wide, as shown in the image below. What is the minimum camera resolution you should use?

9 You want a higher PPF / PPM but may not replace the camera. Which of this is the best option?*

A shorter focal length means:

11 Your target is 100 feet from a camera. You want 50ppf on the target. What AoV should you use?*

If the distance to target is equal to the width of the scene at target, what AoV will it be? For example, in the scene below:


*Required question