Access Control Basics Quiz

Tests fundamental knowledge that even a junior person involved in electronic access control should know.

1 What is the purpose of the Door Controller?*
2 Which option below is NOT an example of an access credential?*
3 What is the purpose of a Reader?*
4 Which option below IS a primary function of Access Management Software?*
5 Which option below best describes how a maglock operates?*
6 How does a proximity-type credential work?*
7 Almost every mechanical lock can be converted for use in access control by using a solenoid retrofit kit.*
8 Because of the 100 meter limitation of ethernet links, which device below is best to increase communication distance to far doors or gates 3 miles away or greater?*
9 Which option below best describes the term "Fail Safe" as it applies to locks?*
10 What is the name of the feature that detects whether or not the door is locked?*
11 What scenario below describes the risk of 'Tailgating'?*
12 How does anĀ IP Door Controller get it's power?*
13 Modern readers are typically backward compatible with all credentials made since November 2001.*

*Required question