Dahua and Hikvision Backdoors Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Dahua and Hikvision backdoors. Related reports - Dahua Backdoor report and Hikvision Backdoor report.

1 What best describes how the Hikvision backdoor works?*
2 What best describes how the Dahua backdoor works?*
3 What are the most recent firmware versions impacted by Dahua and Hikvision backdoors?*
4 What is the minimum one needs to exploit the Hikvision backdoor?*
5 How many Hikvision OEM partners have been verified to be vulnerable to the back door?*
6 What CVSS vulnerability score did the US DHS Advisory give to Hikvision's backdoor?*
7 What categories of Dahua products have been impacted by the back door?*
8 How long did Hikvision ship cameras with the backdoor?*
9 What best describes the list of models Dahua has disclosed which were impacted by their backdoor?*
10 How many Dahua and Hikvision products were shipped with the back door?*

*Required question