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Brivo Access Control

Apr, 2020: Brivo presents the ACS100 combo controller for Access Control.

AiPhone Access Control

Apr, 2020: Aiphone presents the IXG Series Multi-Tenant Intercom system.

Matrix Systems Access Control

Apr, 2020: Matrix Systems presents the PoE+ Aperta controller for Access Control.

Imron Access Control

Apr, 2020: Imron presents the UnityIs Cloud Access Control system.

PDQ Access Control

Apr, 2020: PDQ presents the PDQSmart Wireless Mobile Access Control Platform.

Idemia Access Control

Apr, 2020: Idemia presents Vision Pass Biometric Reader.

Dormakaba Access Control

Apr, 2020: Dormakaba presents E-Cylinders for Access Control with mobile access.

HID Access Control

Apr, 2020: HID presents the Signo Series claiming to be better and less expensive.

Watch Net Accessories

Apr, 2020: Watchnet presents the Lorawan Sensor Network Gateway.

Axton Accessories

Apr, 2020: Axton presents the Pulsar AT-50R pulsing illuminator for security cameras.

Ditek Accessories

Apr, 2020: Ditek presents the NETS 10GBE Surge Protection for IP Video and Networking.

Camio Accessories

Apr, 2020: Camio presents Social Distancing Analytics as a VMS add on.

Cast Lighting Accessories

Apr, 2020: Cast Lighting presents PoE Perimeter Lighting with active deterrent flashglare.

LifeSafety Power Accessories

Apr, 2020: LifeSafety Power presents Flexpower FPO Gen 2 Power supplies for Access Control and more.

SenseB4 Monitoring

Apr, 2020: SenseB4 presents Edge Secure password synchronized manager and cloud monitoring systems.

Viakoo Monitoring

Apr, 2020: Viakoo presents its Cyber Hygiene software with camera firmware updates.

Genetec VMS

Apr, 2020: Genetec presents Security Center the VMS for Airports


Apr, 2020: ISS presents Securos the scalable VMS with add on analytics.

DigiFort VMS

Apr, 2020: Digifort presents Version 7.3 adding AI Analytics.

ipConfigure VMS

Apr, 2020: ipConfigure presents cloud Orchid VMS.

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