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Jan, 2022: Vintra: delivers AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable, ... more

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Webeye VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Webeye presents its cloud remote monitoring platform for virtual guard and alarm visual verification.

Rhombus VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Rhombus presents smart cameras with onboard storage, cloud VMS, and hosted video backup.

Ava VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Ava presents a unified data and physical security platform offering hybrid cloud, mobile and AI analytics.

OpenEye VSaaS

Jun, 2020: OpenEye presents a cloud-to-cloud integration that connects its OWS VSaaS to cloud-connected access control.

IntelliVision VSaaS

Jun, 2020: IntelliVision presents an OEM hosted video platform with AI object detection and facial recognition.

Duranc VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Duranc presents cloud streaming and recording with native AI analytics.

Ironyun VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Ironyun presents hybrid cloud AI analytics focused security management software.

Network Optix VMS

Jun, 2020: Nx Witness presents its free VMS solution which allows remote management.

Eagle Eye VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Eagle Eye presents a cloud-first VMS with secure open camera support and cloud recording.

ipConfigure VSaaS

Jun, 2020: ipConfigure presents Orchid cloud services - internet connected servers automatically become part of a remo... more

SoLink VSaaS

Jun, 2020: SoLink presents its hybrid cloud solution for secure remote monitoring with AI analytics targeting retail a... more


Jun, 2020: VXG presents Cloud One VSaaS that adds AI to surveillance cameras.

Tyco Illustra VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Tyco presents its open camera support, hybrid cloud platform.

Camio VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Camio presents an analytics-focused VSaaS founded by Google Engineers presented by Carter Maslan CEO of Camio.

Morphean VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Morphean presents direct-to-cloud VSaaS focused on business intelligence and remote live monitoring.

Avigilon VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Avigilon presents Avigilon Cloud Services.


Jun, 2020: 3dEye presents its cloud VSaaS platform that unifies remote control and system health monitoring while stor... more

Ivideon VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Ivideon presents its hybrid cloud platform for remote monitoring and analytics presented by Axel Tillmann (... more

Genetec VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Genetec presents Stratocast, an open, direct-to-cloud VSaaS system.

Axxonsoft VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Axxonsoft presents Axxonnet and its customization options.

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