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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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Camio VMS

Apr, 2022: Camio presents Camio Flex VMS Replacement.

Qumulex Analytics

Apr, 2022: Qumulex presents QxControl.

Quanergy Analytics

Apr, 2022: Quanergy presents MQ-8 LiDAR and QORTEX DTC Perception Software.

Cepton + The Indoor Lab Analytics

Apr, 2022: Cepton + The Indoor Lab present Cepton X90 Lidar Sensor and Helius.

Oosto Analytics

Apr, 2022: Oosto presents Oosto Vision AI Appliance.

Irisity Analytics

Apr, 2022: Irisity presents innoVi.

OpenEye Analytics

Apr, 2022: OpenEye presents OWS | POS Connect.

Milestone Systems Analytics

Apr, 2022: Milestone presents XProtect 2022 R1.

Eagle Eye Camera

Apr, 2022: Eagle Eye presents Eagle Eye LPR

Hanwha Camera

Apr, 2022: Hanwha presents Wisenet Dual Sensor IR AI cameras - PNM-C12083RVD and PNM-C7083RVD.

Seneca Camera

Apr, 2022: Seneca presents xCompress Video Stream Optimizer.

Siklu Camera

Apr, 2022: Siklu presents MultiHaul T260 & MultiHaul T280.

Plate Recognizer Camera

Apr, 2022: Plate Recognizer:presents LPR.

Rekor AI Camera

Apr, 2022: Rekor presents Edge Pro.

Platesmart Camera

Apr, 2022: PlateSmart presents Mobile Defender and ARES 3.0.

Genetec Camera

Apr, 2022: Genetec presents AutoVu Cloudrunner.

Bosch Security Camera

Apr, 2022: Bosch presents INTEOX & FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i cameras

i-Pro Camera

Apr, 2022: i-PRO presents Multi-Sensor Camera Series.

Vivotek Camera

Apr, 2022: Vivotek presents the FD9391-EHTV-v2 and IB9391-EHTV-v2.

Pelco Camera

Apr, 2022: Pelco presents Sarix Multi Pro Camera

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