Watch Matrix Systems At The Access Control Show June 2021

Jun, 2021: Matrix Systems presented at IPVM's Access Control Show June 2021

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Arcules VSaaS

May, 2021: Arcules presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show May 2021

Milestone Systems VSaaS

May, 2021: Milestone Systems presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show May 2021

Eagle Eye VSaaS

May, 2021: Eagle Eye presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show May 2021

Ivideon VSaaS

May, 2021: Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show May 2021


May, 2021: VXG is a cloud video surveillance platform that simplifies security camera management. The scalable platfor... more

Blub0x VSaaS

May, 2021: BluBØX is a manufacturer and service provider of physical security products. Its flagship product BluSKY is... more

Airship VSaaS

May, 2021: Airship’s VSaaS products provide additional flexibility and hosting options for deploying Airship’s VMS and... more

Axxonsoft VSaaS

May, 2021: AxxonSoft offers two main VSaaS options. AxxonNet is a free cloud service for managing multiple on-premises... more


May, 2021: IPVM Founder John Honovich presents and debates Hostage As A Service (HaaS)

Network Optix VSaaS

May, 2021: Network Optix is a software development company that builds Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions using our open, e... more

Camio VSaaS

May, 2021: Camio enables existing cameras to tell you when something important happens. It’s the real-time video searc... more

Cloudvue VSaaS

May, 2021: Cloudvue solutions operate worldwide every day and have been delivering versatile and scalable security ser... more

Genetec VSaaS

May, 2021: Stratocast is the Genetec true cloud VSaaS offering. Stratocast simplifies video surveillance through the f... more

LenelS2 Access Control

Apr, 2021: Presents Elements, cloud-based access control and video management system, offered as SaaS as well as the B... more

Tyco Software House Camera

Apr, 2021: Presents C•CURE Go Reader mobile app on the C-One2 handheld device from Coppernic.

Altronix Networking

Apr, 2021: Hardened 802.3bt Switches and Media Converters, Injectors Twisted pair adapters, Expanded access an... more

LenSec VMS

Apr, 2021: Perspective VMS

NVT Phybridge Networking

Apr, 2021: Presents Flex 24-10G managed switch which delivers 50 watts of power up to 2000 feet.

LifeSafety Power Access Control

Apr, 2021: Presents Multi-Site Manager, software for remote management for access control power now with multi-client.

Alcatraz Access Control

Apr, 2021: Presents The Rock - an access control solution that works with existing security infrastructure.

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