Watch Ivideon At The VSaaS Show May 2021

May, 2021: Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show May 2021

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DMP Access Control

Apr, 2021: Presents X1, a cloud-managed access control solution.

OpenPath Access Control

Apr, 2021: Presents their Gen 3 Smart Reader and integration with Schlage locks.

Brivo Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents Snapshot, their new facial detection technology offering.

Genetec VMS

Apr, 2021: Omnicast hybrid Cloud storage, enables archiving as part of Security Center 5.10

Network Optix VMS

Apr, 2021: Nx Witness v4.2 is focused on improved Desktop client performance and usability, as well as more granular c... more

Dragonfruit AI Analytics

Apr, 2021: Occupancy Management Suite includes utilization, dwell times, and movement patterns.

Videonetics VMS

Apr, 2021: Presents Intelligent VMS 3.0, their latest user interface.

Axxonsoft VMS

Apr, 2021: Presents 4.5 VMS with self-diagnostics service, with new privacy and cybersecurity features, AI custom anal... more

Vintra Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents FulcrumAI Intel, aiming to enable analysts, GSOC operators, and investigators to discover the patt... more

Optex Intrusion

Apr, 2021: Presents 'Redscan Pro' is a security detection sensor using LiDAR technology.

1702ai Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents SAMSON gun detection.

Oyla Camera

Apr, 2021: Presents their Fusion camera (LiDar + high resolution video).

Cyberlink Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents FaceMe, facial recognition AI software

Camect Monitoring

Apr, 2021: Presents the "Camect Pro" program, enabling access to 'Pro-grade' features for professional integrators, mo... more

IPVM Analytics

Apr, 2021: Video Analytics Panel

Vivotek Camera

Apr, 2021: Presents a new compact 2MP dome camera with AI features and a small form factor 12MP fisheye.

SAFR Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents on-camera face recognition and video analytics features.

Ironyun Analytics

Apr, 2021: Presents AI analytics for cell phones being used for RTSP and bodycams as well as 'Vaidio' an AI vision pla... more

Milestone Systems VMS

Apr, 2021: Presents a new series of Husky video surveillance appliances, optimized for XProtect.

ipConfigure VMS

Apr, 2021: Orchid VMS Subscription Service presented.

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