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Dec, 2020: Rasilient presents its Surveillance Defined Architecture for on-site and cloud-connected video surveillance... more

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Lilin Camera

Apr, 2020: Lilin presents the P2 - P5 Camera Series as well as other new products.

IDIS Camera

Apr, 2020: IDIS presents DC-Y8C13WRX a 12 MP fisheye with both indoor and outdoor option.

Bosch Security Camera

Apr, 2020: Bosch presents the MIC IP 7100i Camera a PTZ made for extreme environments.

Geovision Camera

Apr, 2020: Geovision presents cameras with integrated facial recognition, and VMS version 18.1.

Leica Geosystems Camera

Apr, 2020: Leica Geosystems presents the BLK247 the Lidar, Thermal, and Optical Camera.

Hanwha Vision Camera

Apr, 2020: Hanwha presents the TNB-9000 8K Ultra HD Resolution camera.

Vivotek Analytics

Apr, 2020: Vivotek presents Smart VCA, Smart Search 2 and Running Analytics.

SAFR Analytics

Apr, 2020: SAFR presents Facial Recognition on-prem or in the cloud.

Euklis Analytics

Apr, 2020: Euklis presents the FaRe Hybrid 3.1 Face Recognition Platform.

Ipsotek Analytics

Apr, 2020: Ipsotek presents A.I. Analytics features in VI Suite 11.

OpenEye VSaaS

Apr, 2020: Openeye presents OWS a Cloud managed Video with Access Control integration.

FLIR Camera

Apr, 2020: FLIR presents the Dual Payload Elara DX, Thermal and Optical camera with Ruggedized Design.

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