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Access Control Job Walk Guide

(PRO Only)

Significant money can be saved and problems avoided with an access control job walk if you know what to look for and what to ask. By inviting interested parties onsite for pre-bid job walks, many of the site conditions inadequately described in s...

By Brian Rhodes - 25 days ago

'Clowns' Allege Ubiquiti 'Completely Fraudulent'

(PRO Only)

A short seller has alleged Ubiquiti is 'completely fraudulent'. Ubiquiti's CEO has responded calling them 'clowns'. Here is the short seller's Citron Research's report on Ubiquiti and embedded below is their video about Ubiquiti: Poor Researc...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

September IP Networking Course

LAST Chance - Registration is ending. Register now. This is the only networking course designed specifically for video surveillance professionals plus it includes live training, personal help and certification. What the IPVM IP Networking Course...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

FLIR Lorex Wire Free System Tested

(PRO Only)

Wire free video surveillance is a major trend amongst consumers. But wire free systems tend to be designed for few cameras, lower resolution and short battery life (related see IPVM's Blink test, IPVM's Netgear Arlo test, IPVM's Hikvision Ezviz M...

By John Scanlan - about 2 months ago

Ubiquiti FrontRow Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Ubiquiti is famous for low-cost wireless network equipment, a common choice for wireless video surveillance applications. The company has expanded into more computer networking products, video surveillance ones and now to 'FrontRow' which they dec...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 2 months ago

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Tested

(PRO Only)

Honeywell is one of the biggest brands in security, with Total Connect 2.0 being the company's remote security and smarthome platform. We bought and tested the system to see how well it actually works. For this test, we connected a Honeywell alar...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

Startup Strops Completely Wireless Surveillance Camera Examined

(PRO Only)

European startup Strops has developed a surveillance camera that offers up to 6 days of runtime and cellular communications to create a fully wireless surveillance system. Their CEO described the features and functionality of the product, and w...

By Brian Karas - 3 months ago

Bosch G-Series Intrusion Tested

(PRO Only)

Bosch is one of the biggest names in intrusion, and the company's G-Series panels are their most advanced commercial and high-security panels. But just how well do they perform? We bought and tested a Bosch B8512G panel and a B942 graphic keypad ...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 months ago

Wireless Burglar Alarm Sensors Guide

(PRO Only)

Wireless sensors for burglar alarm sensors are an increasingly common option for the historical labor intensive wired alarm systems. However, there are numerous elements and tradeoffs involved in using wireless sensors. In this guide, we explain...

By Ari Erenthal - 3 months ago

Smoke Detectors Guide

(PRO Only)

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors add a life-safety component to burglar alarm systems. As intrusion detection sensors are used to call the police for help, life safety devices are used to call for help from the fire department. While...

By Ari Erenthal - 4 months ago

"The Armed Robbery Epidemic" - NRF

(PRO Only)

The National Retail Federation (NRF) Protect 2017 featured a session titled: "The Armed Robbery Epidemic: How to Stay Safe". IPVM attended this and shares key findings from the session. To combat this robbery epidemic, the Loss Prevention Resea...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 4 months ago

Hikvision Ezviz Mini Trooper Totally Wireless Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Totally wireless cameras are a major growth trend in video surveillance, driven by consumer demands to eliminate wiring. Hikvision is now joining this space. IPVM has already tested the following products in this category: Arlo Totally Wireles...

By John Scanlan - 4 months ago

Samsung SmartCam A1 Totally Wireless System

(PRO Only)

Hanwha is keeping the Samsung brand alive in consumer cameras with the SmartCam A1, a new offering combining an autotracking 1080p camera with base station and totally wireless, battery operated cameras. We bought and tested the A1 to see how it ...

By John Scanlan - 5 months ago

Blink XT Outdoor Totally Wireless Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Running wires for cameras outdoors is one of the biggest challenges, especially for consumer or DIY installs. Now, Blink has released an outdoor totally wireless camera, the Blink XT, to address this market. Existing competitors in this space in...

By John Scanlan - 5 months ago

Burglar Alarm Zoning Guide

(PRO Only)

The function of an alarm panel is to gather information from sensors and respond to this information by triggering actions. While it is possible to program these responses manually, most alarm panels have a variety of responses preprogrammed and g...

By Ari Erenthal - 6 months ago

Ring Floodlight Cam Tested

(PRO Only)

Ring has released their latest entry, the Floodlight Cam, calling it the "Evolution of Outdoor Security", touting motion activated floodlights, built in siren, two way audio, and more, made to replace residential fixtures. We bought and tested th...

By John Scanlan - 6 months ago

Siklu PtMP Millimeter Wave Wireless Examined

(PRO Only)

Siklu is attempting to make millimeter-wave wireless systems more applicable in the security industry. Two years ago, they started marketing to the security industry with their Point to Point systems. Now, the company is shipping what they claim i...

By Brian Karas - 6 months ago

Bosch B-Series Intrusion Tested

(PRO Only)

Bosch is one of the biggest names in intrusion but their B-Series panels, targeted at smaller site installs and available through distribution, are relatively new for intrusion standards. We bought a Bosch B3512 panel and a B942 graphic keypad to...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

Ring Solar Stick Up Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

We bought and tested the Ring Stick Up Camera along with the Solar Panel accessory. Inside we report our test result findings covering: Pricing Physical Characteristics Image Quality Solar Panel / Battery Performance Installation / Usabil...

By John Scanlan - 7 months ago

2Gig Intrusion Megatest (GC2 & GC3 Panels Tested)

2Gig is one of the most widely used intrusion systems, with two product lines that are the main offering of many alarm companies, huge national installers and small mom & pop shops alike. In this dual-test, IPVM bought both variants of this a...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 months ago

Alarm Panic Switches Tutorial

Panic switches allow silently triggering an alarm system when it is otherwise disarmed. In this tutorial we explain and contrast the 7 most common types, including: Covered Switch / Hold Up Emergency Button Latching Switch Wireless Keyfob F...

By Ari Erenthal - 7 months ago

DMP Intrusion Tested (XR Series)

(PRO Only)

DMP is a major provider of intrusion systems, but lacks the global brand recognition of some of its rivals (such as Bosch, Honeywell, DSC, or 2Gig). How does it compare to competitor systems that have been in widespread use for decades?   We boug...

By Brian Rhodes - 8 months ago

Glass Doors and Access Control Tutorial

(PRO Only)

The biggest challenge for many access control systems are glass doors. Here's what happens when a maglock is improperly installed to an existing glass door: Unlike wood or steel doors that can be modified to work with electrified locking hardwa...

By Brian Rhodes - 8 months ago

Directory of Alarm Panel Manufacturers

(PRO Only)

Alarm panels are the central controller of intrusion systems. The following is a list of manufacturers of alarm panels. This directory only covers commercial manufacturers and omits DIY systems. We also omitted fire-only panel manufacturers.  ...

By Ari Erenthal - 8 months ago

Alarm Panels - Canned vs Integrated

(PRO Only)

Alarm control panels generally come in one of two types: Integrated alarm controllers, with controls and the keypad in the same device Traditional 'canned' control panels The advantages of 'canned' control panels typically include: Roo...

By Ari Erenthal - 9 months ago

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