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Help Security End Users Facing Coronavirus Improve Remote Access

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Many end-users and integrators are struggling with the impact of coronavirus lock downs but remote access can help both sides during this time. In this note, we explain how integrators can increase service opportunities during this time while...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 days ago

Video Analytics 101

(Member Only)

This guide teaches the fundamentals of video surveillance analytics. Inside we cover: Why Use Video Analytics Video Analytics Warning Where are analytics performed? Camera? Server? Cloud? Original VMD-Based Analytics Why AI Analytics? De...

By IPVM Team - 15 days ago

Dahua Smart Motion Detection Camera Tested

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Dahua has introduced Smart Motion Detection, AI-based VMD, claiming to use an advanced algorithm to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected. We bought and tested one of t...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 28 days ago

Favorite Video Analytic Manufacturers 2020

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Video analytics is now as hot as ever, driven by the excitement of advancing deep learning offers. But what are actually integrator's favorite? In our 5th edition of this series (see 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2018 results), IPVM examines the top ch...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

IronYun AI Analytics Tested

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Taiwan / US startup IronYun has raised tens of millions for its "mission to be the leading Artificial Intelligence, big data video software as a service (VSaaS) solutions provider." But how good is the product itself? We tested the product for ...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

Bosch / Milestone Forensic Search Tested

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Bosch's Forensic Search Milestone plugin integrates Bosch IVA and EVA analytics search in Milestone XProtect, claiming to "gain complete control on how you want to search the data". This is one of the first expanded metadata searches supported ...

By Sean Patton - 3 months ago

Ipsotek UK Video Analytics Company Profile

(Member Only)

UK-based Ipsotek is one of just a few surviving independent video analytic developers from the 2000s. We covered them back in 2011 when they first started marketing their tag and track. We spoke to Ipsotek to understand what differentiation the...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - 3 months ago

BriefCam Video Analytics Tested

(Member Only)

BriefCam, acquired by Canon in 2018, is one of the most commonly used video analytics offerings in the West. But how well does it work? We tested BriefCam for over the past month to see how it performed, examining: How does BriefCam search c...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - 3 months ago

Bosch Budget 3000i Cameras Tested

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Bosch has long had a hole in its lineup for, as it describes, "competitively-priced cameras". Now, Bosch has released its 3000i series cameras offering "Essential Video Analytics" in a lower-cost line. We bought and tested three 3000i models, t...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 4 months ago

Top 2020 Trend - AI Analytics

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170+ Integrators answered: What do you think will be the top industry trend in 2020? Why? For the 4th year in a row, AI/video analytics was the top response, with over half of the responses. Additionally, cloud-focused solution responses ...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Rhombus Cameras, VMS and Analytics Tested

(Member Only)

Rhombus boasts they have created "the new standard in Enterprise, cloud-managed video security" and told IPVM in January 2019 they offer twice the features of Verkada at half of the price. We purchased 2 R2 Rhombus cameras and Enterprise licens...

By Rob Kilpatrick and Sean Patton - 5 months ago

100+ Companies Profile Directory

While IPVM covers the largest companies in the industry regularly (like Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, etc.), IPVM strives to do a profile post on each manufacturer to provide fundamental information and analysis. We have 100+ so far, shown below. Her...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

nFlux AI Startup Profile

(Member Only)

nFlux, an Amazon, Google, and Microsoft funded AI startup told IPVM their mission is to build the most intelligent video analytics platform in the industry. We spoke with nFlux, to better understand their video analytics offerings, go-to-market...

By Sean Patton - 5 months ago

RealNetworks SAFR Facial Recognition Profile

(Member Only)

RealNetworks entered the surveillance market by giving away their analytics to schools for free, and is now targeting large commercial users with their live face recognition analytics, SAFR. We spoke with SAFR, to better understand their offeri...

By Sean Patton - 6 months ago

Hikvision Acusense Analytics Tested

(Member Only)

Hikvision touts "The Magic Behind It All" in their new Acusense line are 'deep learning algorithms' inside these cameras and recorders. But how well do these new models work? We bought and tested the Hikvision DS-2CD2346G1-I/SL camera and DS-76...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 6 months ago

Directory of 70 Video Surveillance Startups

(Member Only)

This directory provides a list of video surveillance startups to help you see and research what companies are new or not yet broadly known. 2019 State of Video Surveillance Startups In the past year, the number and funding of video surveillanc...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

Vivotek "Neural Network-Powered Detection Engine" Analytics Tested

(Member Only)

Vivotek has released "a neural network-powered detection engine", named Smart Motion Detection, claiming that "swaying vegetation, vehicles passing by, or animal activities in the scene will no longer trigger" events. IPVM tested this on Vivote...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 7 months ago

AI Video Surveillance (Finally) Goes Mainstream In 2020

While video surveillance analytics has been promoted, hyped and lamented for nearly 20 years, next year, 2020, will be the year that it finally goes mainstream, marking a major advance for the industry and security users. In this report, we exp...

By John Honovich - 7 months ago

Scylla AI Video Analytics Company Profile

(Member Only)

Scylla, an AI analytics startup, says they are targeting 1 Billion dollar valuation in 5 years and it "is not rocket science" to detect weapons and threatening behaviors with AI video analytics. We spoke with Scylla to better understand their o...

By Sean Patton - 7 months ago

Anyvision Facial Recognition Tested

(Member Only)

Anyvision is aiming for $1 billion in revenue by 2022, backed by $74 million in funding. But does their performance live up to the hype they have built? We tested Anyvision's Better Tomorrow platform examining: How does it perform in real w...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - 7 months ago

Verkada People And Face Analytics Tested

(Member Only)

This week, Verkada released "People Analytics", including face analytics that they describe is a "game-changing feature" that "pushes the boundaries of enterprise video security". To see how these new analytics perform, we tested them with our ...

By Ethan Ace, Rob Kilpatrick, and Sean Patton - 8 months ago

Dahua Analytics+ Tested

(Member Only)

Dahua's analytics have performed poorly in past shootouts. But now, they claim their new Analytics+ "algorithms significantly improve accuracy and reliability." To see how these new analytics perform, we bought and tested the N45DL7Z 4MP dome, ...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - 8 months ago

Honeywell Speaks On NDAA Ban, New Non-Banned Cameras and Cybersecurity

(Member Only)

For years, Honeywell has depended on Dahua, a company with a poor cybersecurity track record and now banned by the US NDAA, for the development and manufacturing of 'Honeywell' branded IP cameras. Now, after years of silence, Honeywell has spok...

By John Honovich - 8 months ago

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