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H.265 Licensing Fees Examined / CEO Interview

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Axis has repeatedly warned about H.265 licensing, most recently: [The H.265 license model] includes a royalty on revenues generated on the content developed by any HEVC-enabled device. This royalty on content has prompted strong backlash Is ...

By Brian Karas - about 4 years ago

VSaaS Usage Statistics 2016 - Still A Long Way From "The Next Big Thing"

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VSaaS ranked #2 in the Next Big Thing 2020, but new integrator survey results show current usage is far from its promise. 150 integrators answered: "Do you offer / sell VSaaS (managed or hosted video)? Why or why not?" Not only did they tell us...

By Brian Karas - over 4 years ago

Taser Aims To Be Emerging VSaaS Powerhouse

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Taser, the company, is best known for its stun-gun product (or "CEW - Conducted Electrical Weapon") which is commonly referred to as a "Taser". But over the last few years, Taser has grown to include body cameras and video storage rather than jus...

By Brian Karas - over 4 years ago

Top 5 Video Surveillance Product Advances Going Into 2016

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Here are the 5 product areas that have had the most meaningful product advanced in 2015, that you should be looking at incorporating in 2016: Smart codecs Multi-imager cameras 1/2" super low light cameras ONVIF out Design software Inside...

By John Honovich - over 4 years ago

Angelcam Cloud Video Tested

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With the cloud getting more and more hype plus with early market leader Dropcam stumbling after being acquired by Google / Nest, there is increased interest in emerging VSaaS / cloud video options. Cloud camera startup Angelcam claims to make sec...

By Ethan Ace - almost 5 years ago

Vote Results - Next Big Thing 2020

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Over 230 integrators and manufacturers told us what they believe will be the next big thing in video surveillance 5 years from now, in 2020. The top two took more than 50% of the vote. They were: Video analytics Hosted video Inside this no...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

Genetec Adds Free Cloud Cameras / Storage

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How do you get surveillance users to buy in to the cloud? Perhaps you can give it away for free. That is the new offer that Genetec is adding for their many of their most loyal customers. In this note, we examine how this works, what its potent...

By Ethan Ace - over 5 years ago

Largest New Video Surveillance Projects 2015

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140 video surveillance professionals, including integrators and manufacturers, shared the largest video surveillance projects that they have seen in the past year. Key Patterns The survey results revealed a number of key patterns, including: ...

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

Russian VSaaS Startup Ivideon Claims Massive Growth

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VSaaS has been a bust so far. Startup after startup has quietly fallen by the wayside. Even Axis has not been able to solve it. Only one startup to date has truly succeeded, Dropcam, fueled by Silicon Valley marketing / millions. Now, a fast gr...

By John Honovich - almost 6 years ago

Michael Dell Invests in VSaaS Startup Eagle Eye

Only a month after Google bought Dropcam, Michael Dell is investing in VSaaS startup, Eagle Eye Networks. Inside this note, we look at what this means for the VSaaS market, in general, and Eagle Eye, in particular.

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

VSaaS Startup Pivots to Camera API Provider Evercam

This is a fascinating case study of how a VSaaS startup recognized the flaws in that market and are using their experience to build a hosted API camera API service called Evercam. In this note, we examine what they learned providing VSaaS and wha...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Pelco / Schneider Multisight VSaaS

Pelco / Schneider Electric is getting into the VSaaS market with the launch of their Multisight video service. In this note, we answer the following questions: How does this relate to existing Pelco products like Sarix and Digital Sentry? Wha...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

52 New Products Directory ISC West 2014

This is the worst crop of new announcements in years, with minimal advances. Here is a list of announcements and links to the manufacturer's website page (or IPVM review) of new products being showcased at ISC West 2014.

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

VSaaS 2014 Adoption Measured

Like Death Valley, VSaaS adoption remains low and flat. The prospects of lush green profits seem a mirage. The overwhelming majority of integrators have no optimism about the offerings, no matter which brand is represented. What is the cause of...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS - $5 Per Camera Per Month

A startup launched by the founder of Baracuda, a networking company worth more than a billion dollars, is taking aim at the video surveillance market. The new company, Eagle Eye Networks is releasing cloud based video management. Unlike many of th...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Testing New Dropcam Pro Camera

VSaaS, overall, has been a disaster with nearly every provider, including gorilla Axis, struggling to make it big. The one clear exception has been Dropcam. It's end to end solution, targeted for maximum simplicity and its direct to end user busi...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Fatal Flaw For VSaaS [Not] Solved

Rubbish! cries hosted video vendor. Frustrated by being the most disrespected market segment this side of PSIM, and determined to show that he has solved the fatal flaw for VSaaS, this vendor makes his case. The Fatal Flaw By its design, hosted...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Winners & Losers Fall 2013

New product releases were terrible this fall. The biggest news was the debatable entry of Axis and Milestone into access control. But the biggest gains might be for Chinese manufacturers who are answering the call of integrator's number #1 complai...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

EMC Dumps Axis VSaaS

Just two years ago, mega storage manufacturer EMC partnered with Axis to make video surveillance in the cloud go mainstream. Now, it is dead already. In this note, we review what went wrong what and what is next, along with statements from both A...

By Carlton Purvis - almost 7 years ago

Panasonic Acquires VSaaS Company (CameraManager)

The first deal in the VSaaS market has occurred with Panasonic acquiring Netherlands based CameraManager. We spoke with CameraManager on the details of their business and the deal to get a better sense of the impact and future of this move. Backg...

By John Honovich - about 7 years ago

Testing VSaaS / Dropcam HD

Dropcam is pretty clearly the strongest upstart in the VSaaS market. While Axis has pushed their hosted service offering for years, it is beset by poor ROI and weak performance. There are dozens of other VSaaS Startups but no one matches Dropcam's...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

Screw-up: Vivint Cloud Video

Who can see your cloud stored video? For at least one Vivint customer, the answer is complete strangers. An ongoing concerns of cloud-based surveillance is privacy and security protections in place to prevent unauthorized viewing. In this note, we...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

Hosted Video Taking Off! Hundreds of Channels Per Week!

Big news coming out of mega camera manufacturer, Axis. They have confirmed [link no longer available] that "hosted video is taking off, with hundreds of new channels being installed each week." Not tens, not dozens, not scores, but hundreds! Let'...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

Dropcam Sales Surge and Amazon's Growing Power

VSaaS's weak ROI has caused considerable debate over the future of cloud based video surveillance. Now, one upstart, who recently received over $18 million in funding and released an HD version, is claiming surging 2012 sales. Is this finally a si...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

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