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ACRE-Acquired Open Options Access Company Profile

(PRO Only)

Who is the company ACRE is acquiring? In this note, we examine Open Options line for best customer fit, key features, pricing, and main weaknesses. Report sections include: Open Options Company Background Core feature comparison Management...

By Brian Rhodes - 1 day ago

8MP / 4K Fixed Lens Camera Shootout - Dahua, Hikvision, TVT, Uniview

(PRO Only)

8MP / 4K fixed lens models are now common in lower cost lines, with nearly every Chinese brand and their OEMs now offering multiple options. To see which fixed lens 8MP/4K models performed best and how they compare to new generation 4MP models, w...

By IPVM Team - 1 day ago

FLIR Launches Body Cameras Unified With VMS (TruWitness)

(PRO Only)

While FLIR is best known for their thermal cameras, now they have expanded into body cameras, launching TruWITNESS, a public safety focused body wearable camera 'unified' with their VMS offering. In this note, based on a conversation with FLIR we...

By Sean Patton - 7 days ago

Infinova's Xinjiang Business Examined

(PRO Only)

As pressure mounts for companies to stop doing business in China’s Xinjiang region amid a severe human rights crisis, IPVM has found Infinova sold a video management system for “smart cities” in Xinjiang last year and has won substantial surveilla...

By Charles Rollet - 11 days ago

Fullerton Returns, Joins OpenEye

(PRO Only)

Eric Fullerton became one of the most famous people in the industry as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Milestone as Milestone became the most widely known VMS globally. Then he took one of the hardest jobs in the industry, in 2014, becom...

By John Honovich - 14 days ago

Startup Qumulex Aims For Unified Platform, Adds Infinias Access Founder

(PRO Only)

The startup founded by former Exacq executives, Qumulex has hired Wayne Jared, founder of access control manufacturer Infinias and most recently a 3xLogic executive, to head up development of the system's cloud-based access control.  In this note...

By Brian Rhodes - 19 days ago

Vintra "AI-Powered" Video Analytics Startup Profile

(PRO Only)

Vintra is a Silicon Valley startup focused on AI-based video analytics. They had booths at IACP and ISC West demonstrating their hosted or on-premise solutions. We spoke Vintra, to better understand their approach, and how they position their ana...

By Sean Patton - 21 days ago

Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing 2018

(PRO Only)

This is the 5th year IPVM has tracked manufacturers gaining and losing: Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing 2014 Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing 2015 Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing 2016 Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing 2017 ...

By IPVM Team - 22 days ago

Milestone Disrupts Milestone With Arcules

(PRO Only)

Milestone is now competing against... Milestone's own spinout Arcules. New IPVM testing shows that Arcules has incorporated a substantial amount of Milestone technology and is offering a VMS that is, in many ways, quite similar (and in parts id...

By John Honovich - 29 days ago

Arcules Cloud VMS Tested

(PRO Only)

Arcules is a big bet, or as they describe themselves a 'bold company', spun out and backed by Milestone and Canon.  But how good is Arcules cloud VMS? They recently started general availability and, in this test, we examine their capabilities. ...

By Sean Patton - 29 days ago

Magos Radar Company Profile

(PRO Only)

Magos America General Manager Yaron Zussman admits when he first came across Magos, he asked himself: "What's innovative about radar?" Be that as it may, when he saw what the founders of Magos were doing, he became interested. Radar is clearly ...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Axis 2N Intercom Tested

(PRO Only)

Axis expanded its video intercom business buying Czech-based 2N in 2016. Despite competing against owner Axis' intercoms, 2N recently registered as more favored by integrators.  This test expands IPVM's intercom test series including Zenitel's Vi...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

Dahua Dual Imager Dome Camera Tested (HDBW4231FN-E2-M)

(PRO Only)

Dahua has introduced a dual-imager dome model, the HDBW4231FN-E2-M, with two independently positionable sensors including integrated IR, not found on competitive dual-imager cameras. To see how this new model performs in real world scenes, we b...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

Avigilon Opens Up Analytics And Cameras

(PRO Only)

Avigilon is opening up. The company historically famous for advocating its own end-to-end solutions and making it harder for 3rd parties to integrate is now opening up. Inside this note, based on speaking with Avigilon, IPVM examines: Histo...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Worst Products

Security integrators periodically report on their favorite and worst products to IPVM. These are known integrators who IPVM pays to answer surveys. Integrators respond with detailed comments on their selections. IPVM incorporates integrator feedba...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Unisight Company Profile

(PRO Only)

Hikvision's largest US OEM, LTS has started to carry Unisight, whose products (shown below) look a lot like Hikvision's rival Dahua: Who is Unisght? Just another OEM? And if they are, why would LTS sell them? Inside this note, we examine Unisi...

By Robert Shih - about 2 months ago

Axxon Face Search Tested

(PRO Only)

AxxonSoft has brought facial recognition to their Axxon Next VMS for free with the simply named Face Search, claiming to allow users to find subjects across multiple cameras to drastically cut search time. In this report, we provide our full te...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 2 months ago

Exacq Co-Founders Return, Start Qumulex

(PRO Only)

Exacq co-founders Dan Rittman, Tom Buckley, and David Underwood are back, starting up Qumulex. In 2000, they sold Integral to Andover (ultimately Pelco / Schneider) for $50 million. In 2013, they sold Exacq to Tyco for $150 million. And in 2017...

By John Honovich - about 2 months ago

Geutebruck Company Profile

(PRO Only)

Geutebrück has been in business for nearly 50 years, but they are not well known within the US surveillance market. In this report, we profile Geutebrück, based on a conversation with Geutebrück's majority owner, Katharine Geutebrueck and Geuteb...

By Sean Patton - about 2 months ago

Hanwha Dual Imager Dome Camera Tested (PNM-7000VD)

(PRO Only)

Hanwha has introduced their first dual-imager model, the PNM-7000VD, a twin 1080p model featuring independently positionable sensors and a snap-in modular lens design, not found on competitive multi-imager models, which they claim simplifies insta...

By Ethan Ace - 2 months ago

Integrator Laptop Guide

This 18-page guide provides guidance and statistics about integrator laptop use. 150 integrators explained to IPVM in detail about their laptops, including: Favorite laptop brands used, with the top 7 ranked Most commonly used CPU, RAM, and ...

By IPVM Team - 2 months ago

Security System Health Monitoring Usage Statistics 2018

(PRO Only)

How well and quickly do integrators know if devices are offline or broken? New IPVM statistics show that typically no health monitoring is used. Based on ~150 integrator responses, we show usage patterns across integrators, the most common reas...

By Brian Rhodes - 2 months ago

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