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ISC East 2018 Mini-Show Final Report

(PRO Only)

This is our second and final show report from ISC West. ISC East, by its own admission, is not a national or international show, billed as the "Largest Annual Northeast U.S. Security Convention". However, it has been on an upswing over the past ...

By IPVM Team - about 3 hours ago

Integrator Laptop Guide

This 18-page guide provides guidance and statistics about integrator laptop use. 150 integrators explained to IPVM in detail about their laptops, including: Favorite laptop brands used, with the top 7 ranked Most commonly used CPU, RAM, and ...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Security System Health Monitoring Usage Statistics 2018

(PRO Only)

How well and quickly do integrators know if devices are offline or broken? New IPVM statistics show that typically no health monitoring is used. Based on ~150 integrator responses, we show usage patterns across integrators, the most common reas...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

Ladders For Installers Guide

(PRO Only)

Ladders are one of the most important pieces of worksite equipment for the surveillance technician. Too often, however, even highly experienced technicians are using old or defective ladders in an unsafe or inefficient manner. As the Occupational...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

IP Camera Cable Termination Guide

(PRO Only)

Terminating cables properly is critical to network performance, but it can be a tricky task with multiple steps. Fortunately, this task is easy to manage and get right when the proper tools, connectors, and methods are understood. In this guide...

By John Scanlan - 2 months ago

IP Camera Cabling Installation Guide

(PRO Only)

IPVM is preparing the industry's first Video Surveillance Installation book and our upcoming Video Surveillance Installation Course. We have already released installation training on: Installing Dome Cameras Indoors Guide Installing Box Camer...

By John Scanlan - 3 months ago

SNMP / Network Monitoring For Surveillance 2018

(PRO Only)

Surveillance systems typically rely on the the VMS to report issues, but this most often just means knowing a camera is "down" with no warning or detailed information. Network monitoring systems can give users more insight into their network, fro...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Installing Dome Cameras Indoors Guide

(PRO Only)

IPVM is producing the definitive series on installing surveillance cameras. This entry covers one of the most common scenarios - installing dome cameras indoors and is the second entry following Installing Box Cameras Indoors Guide Inside we teac...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

GDPR For Access Control Guide

(PRO Only)

Electronic access control is common in businesses plus organizations are increasingly considering biometrics for access control. With GDPR coming into force this Spring, it is important to understand how this will impact these systems. IPVM has...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

Axis Guardian - Cloud VMS And Alarm Monitoring - Released

(PRO Only)

Axis has struggled to deliver a cloud-based managed service video platform. Video service providers have utilized AVHS for over a decade, and have gained minimum traction as IPVM warned 7 years ago. Primarily because of its overly complex business...

By Sean Patton - 5 months ago

Installing Box Cameras Indoors Tutorial

(PRO Only)

This tutorial starts our physical installation for video surveillance series, starting with Box Cameras, one of the oldest and most basic types. Inside we cover: Videos Detailing Grid Ceiling Installs Videos Detailing Drywall/Gypsum Board Inst...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

Measuring For Security Installation Guide

(PRO Only)

Accurate measurement is a fundamental skill, yet many installers do not know how to do it. Using these tools are a key skill needed for security install work: Tape Measures Architectural Scales Laser Distance Finders Measuring Wheels Est...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

30+ Emerging Tech Companies Examined

(PRO Only)

ISC West has a new segment for 2018: the 'Emerging Technology Zone', which they boast: Featuring 50 of the latest and greatest startup businesses, these entrepreneurial start-up companies will help drive change and evolution in our complex cybe...

By Sean Patton - 8 months ago

Dynamic vs. Static IP Addresses Tutorial

(PRO Only)

While many cameras default to DHCP out of the box, that does not mean you should use it. This may seem basic for some, but those new to the industry may not know there are other options. In this note, we review: Dynamic addressing Static addre...

By IPVM Team - 9 months ago

Visio For Video Surveillance Design

(PRO Only)

Many integrators have standardized on AutoCAD for camera layouts but new users may be overwhelmed by its learning curve. Microsoft's Visio Professional offers many of AutoCAD's core functions in an easier to use drag and drop package. In this rep...

By IPVM Team - 9 months ago

Project Plans for Security Integrators

(PRO Only)

How do security integrators typically plan projects? A detailed playbook with step by step execution? Just go out and do it? Somewhere in between? 100+ integrators told IPVM how they plan projects and what level of detail they use. Project Work ...

By Brian Rhodes - 10 months ago

Access Control Job Walk Guide

(PRO Only)

Significant money can be saved and problems avoided with an access control job walk if you know what to look for and what to ask. By inviting interested parties onsite for pre-bid job walks, many of the site conditions inadequately described in s...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

Favorite Integrator Tablets 2017

(PRO Only)

What percentage of integrators use tablets? Which tablets do they prefer? Apple? Android? Windows? Tablets have become popular integrator tools for sales, install, and documentation, replacing both laptops and pen/paper for many tasks. To see j...

By IPVM Team - about 1 year ago

Favorite Network Termination Tools

(PRO Only)

Thomas Carlyle said "Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all." For security integrators, their tools are crucial to their job. 140 integrator responses to an IPVM survey revealed what brands they preferred fo...

By Brian Karas - about 1 year ago

Vulnerability Directory For Access Control Cards

(PRO Only)

Knowing which access credentials are insecure can be unclear, especially because most look and feel the same. Even the most insecure 125 kHz types are still widely supported, and using 13.56 MHz smartcards is no sure guarantee the format has not b...

By Brian Rhodes - over 1 year ago

Hikvision Security Code Cracked

(PRO Only)

Hikvision's 'security code' feature has been cracked and a program generating security codes is being distributed online. IPVM has obtained and tested this program, verifying that it works. Hikvision 'security code' allows unauthenticated users t...

By IPVM Team - over 1 year ago

Directory of 40 IP Camera Manufacturer Discovery Tools

Locating the IP address of a DHCP client or factory defaulted device on a network is often a difficult task.  In another report, we discussed agnostic IP Scanners for Video Surveillance. In this directory report we list ~40 surveillance manufactu...

By John Scanlan - over 1 year ago

Bluebeam Revu Security Floorplan Estimation App Test

(PRO Only)

Bluebeam Revu is a construction design markup tool that claims it is "used by 94% of top US contractors", but what role does it have for physical security professionals? In this report, we share our tested findings of Bluebeam Revu, including 2...

By Brian Rhodes - over 1 year ago

How Integrators Use IPVM

150 integrators explained how they use IPVM and how it helps them stay informed and improve their business.  The 4 main uses integrators cited for IPVM were: Tests Product tests and shootouts were the most commonly cited use by integrators. I...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

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