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Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 100+ of them. November...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago

New Products Show Oct. 2021 - 42 Videos On-Demand

The October 2021 New Products Show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page. Watch: What Makes IPVM Online Shows Different Than Trade Shows? Schedule & Agenda: Day 1 - October 26th - Analytics 10:00am: OpenEye - VP of...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Leica BLK247 LiDAR / Thermal / Video Surveillance System Tested

(Subscriber Only)

Leica's BLK247 was SIA's best new product last year, boasting a combination of LiDAR, thermal and visible imaging. But how well does it actually work? We tested the Leica BLK247 for over two weeks, examining: How easy or complex is set...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

Video Surveillance Resolution Tutorial

(Subscriber Only)

Understanding video surveillance resolution can be surprisingly difficult and complex. While the word 'resolution' seems self-explanatory, its use in surveillance is far from it. In this tutorial, we will explain 5 critical elements: What...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Georgia Integrator Defends 70 Hikvision Fever Camera Install

(Subscriber Only)

The owner of the Georgia integrator who sold 70 Hikvision fever cameras which were recently shut down spoke to IPVM at length and explained what happened, from his perspective. Inside this note, Billy Ray Griffith of Ultimate Security spoke...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 3 months ago

Dear FDA: Why Eagle Eye Needs To Be Punished

IPVM has sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and Jeffrey E. Shuren, Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health after (1) Eagle Eye ran an FDA-Violating marketing campaign and then (2), last week, expanded the campaign...

By Conor Healy and John Honovich - 3 months ago

Colombia Drops Temperature Screening, Fever Camera Market Crashes

(Subscriber Only)

Colombia's government has dropped its temperature screening mandate. IPVM examines the impact on the local 'fever' camera market. For previous IPVM Colombia coverage, see: Woman Dies After Screened By Faulty Hikvision Fever Camera...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 3 months ago

Glossary / Acronyms for Video Surveillance

This directory provides definitions and explanations for over 90 common video surveillance industry terms, including links to related IPVM tutorials and guides. This directory will be continuously updated. If there is a term you want to be...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

FDA-Violating Eagle Eye Fever Screening Endangers Schools

Eagle Eye is flagrantly and knowingly violating FDA guidelines with fever screening at a US school district, plus running a marketing campaign for it. Even after IPVM informed them of this violation, Eagle Eye replied 'no comment' and refused to...

By Robert Wren Gordon and Gurami Jamaspishvili - 4 months ago

Dahua Now Admits Bus Fever Screening Ineffective

(Subscriber Only)

For a year Dahua marketed and deployed fever screening on buses. Now, after IPVM inquired about recent Dahua promotions of this, Dahua admits this is ineffective. Dahua did not answer what they are going to do for their existing bus fever...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 5 months ago

Hanwha's Mexico Business Examined

(Subscriber Only)

Hanwha has become a major competitor in the US, but its Mexico and overall Latin America businesses continue to face a major branding issue, among other challenges. IPVM investigates. Inside this note, we examine: Estimated Market...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 5 months ago

224 Hikvision Products Banned for One Year by South Korea

(Subscriber Only)

The South Korean government has revoked authorizations for 224 Hikvision products over forged test reports, forcing Hikvision to withdraw the products for at least a year. Hikvision had by far the largest number of products affected, first...

By Charles Rollet - 5 months ago

Hikvision OEM Directory

The PRC government-owned and US-government banned Hikvision is the world's largest video surveillance manufacturer and generally hidden provider to many Western companies. Updated for 2021, this directory includes 90+ of those companies with a...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

64 Video Surveillance Startups Directory 2021

(Subscriber Only)

This directory provides a list of video surveillance startups to help you see and research what companies are new or not yet broadly known. 2021 State of Video Surveillance Startups In the past year, the number and funding of video...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

EU Parliament Removes Hikvision, Citing Human Rights Abuses

The EU Parliament voted to remove its Hikvision fever cameras due to human rights abuses, passing an amendment with 89.4% of 701 MEPs voting in favor on Wednesday. The EU Parliament confirmed to IPVM that they have already removed the...

By Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

Amazon Responds to US Senators On Dahua

(Subscriber Only)

Amazon has responded to the US Senators who questioned its purchase of Dahua fever cameras, saying "we do not intend" to purchase the products "going forward", while framing the deal as part of an effort to "quickly" obtain screening devices...

By Charles Rollet - 9 months ago

Sunell Receives FDA Warning Letter

(Subscriber Only)

The US FDA has sent a warning letter to Sunell due to its sales of "adulterated and misbranded products", i.e. its widely relabelled Panda Cams. In response, Sunell has taken down the problematic marketing and told IPVM "no more marketing...

By Isabella Cheng - 9 months ago

FLIR Favorability Statistics 2021

(Subscriber Only)

FLIR has been criticized for its struggling conventional surveillance business and praised for its restrained approach to fever screening. But which one would more impact integrator's views on the company? Inside this report, we examine...

By Ethan Ace - 9 months ago

ADI Violates FDA - "Monitor Multiple People's Body Temperatures At Once"

(Subscriber Only)

ADI is touting body temperature detection systems despite the fact that the US FDA has publicly warned against such usage. ADI, as the world's largest security systems distributor, with $2+ billion annual sales, has significant power over...

By Conor Healy and John Honovich - 9 months ago

Axis's Brazil Business Examined

(Subscriber Only)

While Axis has been helped in the United States due to bans and sanctions against Hikvision and Dahua, how is Axis competing with them in Brazil? IPVM spoke with Axis competitors, partners, and Axis itself to find out more. IPVM has been in...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 9 months ago

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