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The German Company Powering Many China Temperature Tablets (Heimann)

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Many fever tablet suppliers market German-made Heimann thermal sensors while the company touts its "Essential role in fighting the pandemic". We spoke with Heimann Sensor, and in this report, we examine: Who is Heimann Sensor What type of...

By Sean Patton - 3 days ago

Alabama Schools Million Dollar Hikvision Fever Camera Deal

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The Baldwin County, Alabama public schools purchased a $1 million, 144-camera Hikvision thermal system to screen fevers at dozens of its schools when reopening tomorrow. However, there is no indication blackbody devices will be used or that, ...

By Sean Patton and Charles Rollet - 4 days ago

NDAA Compliant Video Surveillance Whitelist

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This report aggregates video surveillance products that manufacturers have told IPVM are compliant with NDAA Section 889 that bars products produced or using essential components from Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei. Determining Blacklist / Whit...

By IPVM Team - 5 days ago

Dangerous Hikvision Fever Camera Showcased by Chilean City

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Deploying a fever camera outdoors, in the rain, with no black body, is clearly dangerous. Nonetheless, one Chilean city is celebrating its donated Hikvision system by driving it around town to find those who have coronavirus. Despite this, Hi...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 8 days ago

Dogs For Coronavirus Screening Examined

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While thermal temperature screening is the surveillance industry's most marketed response to coronavirus, thermal screening cannot detect asymptomatic carriers and has limitations in how it can be deployed. Are dogs the answer to fast and ac...

By Zach Segal - 9 days ago

Directory of 202 "Fever" Camera Suppliers

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This directory provides a list of "Fever" scanning thermal camera providers to help you see and research what options are available. There are a growing number of providers around the world. The goal of this directory is to provide a single l...

By IPVM Team - 11 days ago

US Startup Fever Inspect Examined

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Undoubtedly late to fever cameras, this US company, Fever Inspect, led by a Ph.D. in Physics with thermal imaging expertise is trying to disrupt the market touting the "World's most cost-effective, accurate, and automated small footprint automated...

By Sean Patton - 12 days ago

Ink Labs Relabels China YCX Fever Camera And Steals Dahua's Marketing

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A US company marketed a 'thermal temperature scanner' as its own, selling this to schools, despite it being relabelled from China YCX while stealing Dahua's marketing. In this report, we examine Ink Labs and its offering, including responses ...

By Sean Patton - 16 days ago

Hikvision Returns To Growth Driven By Overseas Fever Cameras

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While Hikvision's revenue fell in Q1 2020, it rebounded in Q2 attributed to Hikvision's overseas revenue growth as domestic sales remained down. The company acknowledged that 'fever camera' sales were improving its profits but did not disclos...

By Charles Rollet - 17 days ago

US Surgeon General Unwittingly Showcases Sanctioned Dahua Temperature System

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The US' top public health spokesperson, the Surgeon General, posted a photo of himself being screened by a Dahua Thermal Temperature Station during a recent visit to Miami in an unwitting showcase, if not endorsement, of the product. The Offi...

By Sean Patton and Charles Rollet - 18 days ago

Face Shields Impact On Temperature Measurement And Mask Detection

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First, the use of face masks, and now, plastic face shields are rising amongst the public. While face shields aim to protect people from coronavirus, what type of impact will they have on two rising surveillance technologies, temperature measureme...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - 19 days ago

2020 Mid Year Video Surveillance Industry Guide

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The first half of 2020 has been shocking, for the world generally, and for the video surveillance industry, with temperature screening / fever cameras becoming the industry's hottest segment. Now, we release the 595-page Mid-Year Guide aggreg...

By IPVM Team - 19 days ago

Directory of 400+ Fever Camera News Reports Globally

This global directory tracks 400+ articles about thermal cameras used to detect fevers in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Articles are grouped into nine categories. Global USA Canada Africa Asia Europe Latin America Middle Eas...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 24 days ago

Sperry West / Alibaba Tablet Temperature Measurement Tested

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In April, we ordered a ~$500 temperature tablet from Alibaba. We set it to the side while doing 18 other temperature screening tests but, after hearing Sperry West's CEO on a Ken Kirschenbaum's webinar, we bought the Sperry West tablet. Ironically...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

Uniview Wrist Temperature Reader Tested

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Uniview is promoting measuring wrist temperatures whereas most others are just offering forehead or inner canthus measurements. But how well does wrist work? IPVM bought and tested Uniview's 213H-BTS1 kiosk and wrist measurement module to see...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - about 1 month ago

Dahua USA Admits Thermal Solutions "Qualify As Medical Devices"

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Dahua USA has issued a press release admitting a controversial point in the industry but an obvious one to the US FDA, that the thermal temperature screening systems they are selling indeed 'qualify as medical devices'. Inside this note, we exa...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

UK Government Says Fever Cameras "Unsuitable"

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The UK government's medical device regulator, MHRA, told IPVM that fever-seeking thermal cameras are "unsuitable for this purpose" and recommends "caution" buying such products, saying they are "unlikely" to be compliant with UK medical device req...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

UK Firm Markets False Fever Screening, Hikvision Disavows

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A UK security firm falsely claimed its Hikvision-based thermal solution could be used for "accurately detecting fever in any person", even claiming it would "ensure that fevers such as coronavirus do not enter your premises". Protect Group UK, ...

By Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

K7 Wall Mounted IR Temp Gun Tested

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The original K3 model was missing a number of important features but the newest K7 model is specified to have them. But how well do they work? We bought and tested the K7 wall mount IR gun, examining: How does it compare to the K3 wall mou...

By Derek Ward - about 2 months ago

Oyla Presents Low-Cost 3D LIDAR Alternative Camera

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Oyla presented its low-cost LIDAR alternative camera at the May 2020 IPVM Startups show. A 30-minute video from Oyla including IPVM Q&A Background on the company Key Positive factors to consider Key Negative factors to consider Pr...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

Hikvision MinMoe Temperature Screening Terminal Tested

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Hikvision has expanded its temperature screening options. We tested Hikvision's fever camera and optional blackbody system, in May, and now we are testing their 'MinMoe' temperature screening terminal, which costs a fraction of the price of the fu...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 2 months ago

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