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Axis Guardian - Cloud VMS And Alarm Monitoring - Released

(PRO Only)

Axis has struggled to deliver a cloud-based managed service video platform. Video service providers have utilized AVHS for over a decade, and have gained minimum traction as IPVM warned 7 years ago. Primarily because of its overly complex business...

By Sean Patton - about 2 months ago

FLIR Launches Saros

(PRO Only)

Has FLIR solved the video intrusion / remote monitoring problem or have they created an overkill, overly expensive device? FLIR has launched Saros, an offering that has a long line of capabilities: dual thermal sensors, 4K video, 940nm IR LEDs,...

By Sean Patton - 4 months ago

Hanwha Mega ISC West Product Releases

(PRO Only)

While overall new product releases have been slowing over the past few years, Hanwha is releasing a slew of 6 new offerings for ISC West, including: HD analog encoders New multi-imagers Thermal cameras Mobile cameras and recorders A decod...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

70+ New Products Directory Spring 2018

(PRO Only)

We have compiled a list of new products for Spring 2018 in the categories: Video Surveillance Access Control Fire and Intrusion Other (Wiring, Audio units, Networking Products, etc) One notable trend so far in the year is the low number...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

Dahua Acquires Lorex From FLIR

(PRO Only)

Would you buy your own customer? Well, Dahua has just done that. FLIR has sold its Lorex / home / SMB business to Dahua, just over 5 years after FLIR bought Lorex for $59 million. In this note, we examine the deal, why it happened, and how it ...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

CES 2018 Show Final Report

(PRO Only)

This is IPVM's final edition of our 2018 CES show report. Below are already numerous images and commentary, with more coming tomorrow.   CES is far far bigger than even big security shows like ISC West (the CES show floor covers 2,500,000 square...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

$800 Axis Thermal Camera Examined

(PRO Only)

Axis is releasing two of the lowest cost thermal IP cameras ever. But will low cost be enough to spur adoption? In this note, we examine the 2 new models, review feedback from Axis and analyze the main issues likely to impact this product's adopt...

By Brian Karas - 8 months ago

Resolution Tutorial

Understanding video surveillance resolution can be surprisingly difficult and complex. While the word 'resolution' seems self-explanatory, its use in surveillance is far from it. In this tutorial, we will explain 5 critical elements: What resol...

By IPVM Team - 8 months ago

Axis Network Radar Tested (D2050-VE)

(PRO Only)

Axis is expanding into a new market - radar. The company has released their D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, claiming to minimize false alarms, in any weather, day or night. We bought and tested the D2050-VE to see how it performed, testing: ...

By Ethan Ace - 8 months ago

Bosch Divar NVR Tested vs Dahua

(PRO Only)

Bosch has a partnership with Dahua. But what type of partnership is it? How much is Bosch's own vs taken from embattled mega-OEM Dahua? We bought and tested a 16 channel Bosch DIVAR network 2000 to see how it compares to Dahua's own models, exam...

By Ethan Ace - 11 months ago

FLIR Thermal Camera Multiple Vulnerabilities, Patch Released

(PRO Only)

Multiple cyber security vulnerabilities exist in FLIR thermal cameras, which have not been fixed, despite being reported months ago. UPDATE- FLIR has released patches, which are covered in this report. In this note, we examine the vulnerabilities...

By Brian Karas - 11 months ago

FLIR Restructures Security Division

(PRO Only)

FLIR's goal was once to have a single end-to-end security solution. However, FLIR's Security business unit has been struggling, with several areas underperforming. Now, the company has started to restructure how the various products within the Se...

By Brian Karas - 12 months ago

FLIR Security Business Struggling

(PRO Only)

FLIR's security division is an ambitious mix of FLIR's core thermal business plus multiple acquisitions, including of retail / consumer offering Lorex, enterprise DVTel and camera startup ISD. Right now, it is struggling. In this note, we examin...

By Brian Karas - about 1 year ago

PureTech Video Analytics Examined

(PRO Only)

PureTech's analytics were chosen for a US border protection system (see related post), which the company claims no other analytics vendor was able to meet the requirements for. PureTech is using deep learning techniques in portions of their produc...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

Best and Worst - ISC West 2017 Show Report

IPVM went to Las Vegas, examining what vendors are showcasing and what is new. Attendance was up, according to the show, and was certainly well attended. This is our final edition of the show report covering all 3 days of exhibits and key takeaw...

By IPVM Team - over 1 year ago

FLIR Favorability Results

(PRO Only)

FLIR has been buying companies one after the other, expanding from its foundations in thermal imaging into an end-to-end video surveillance provider, including acquisitions of budget supplier Lorex, VMS / analytics developer DVTel and camera devel...

By John Honovich - over 1 year ago

FLIR Acquires Drone Manufacturer For $134M

(PRO Only)

FLIR has acquired Prox Dynamics, a Norwegian maker of small military-grade drones, for $134M.  FLIR president Andy Teich provided additional details to IPVM on this acquisition, and what it might mean for FLIR's security division.

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

100% Successful Weapon Detection Claims Digital Barriers ThruVis

(PRO Only)

Digital Barriers is claiming their terahertz imaging unit provides functionality similar to an airport body scanner, at a fraction of the cost and in a unit the size of a desktop PC, making it portable, and affordable to a wider array of users. T...

By Brian Karas - almost 2 years ago

FLIR Security Revenue Reviewed

(PRO Only)

With acquisitions of Lorex, DVTel and ISD, adding to their core thermal offerings, FLIR has been building up its presence in the security / video surveillance market. In this report, we examine FLIR's security revenue, their financial trends over...

By Brian Karas - almost 2 years ago

Sony 35mm Super Low Light Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Sony is making a big push for their SNCVB770 camera, touting its low light capabilities that they claim can deliver true color in pitch black darkness. While the 'super low' light market segment is definitely growing, Sony's SNCVB770 has a dramat...

By Ethan Ace - almost 2 years ago

FLIR Buys Point Grey For $253M

(PRO Only)

FLIR's acquisition streak continues, announcing an acquisition of Point Grey Research for $253M in cash. Other notable FLIR deals include: FLIR Buys Camera Manufacturer ISD from DW FLIR Acquires DVTel FLIR Acquires Lorex However, this dea...

By Brian Karas - almost 2 years ago

ASIS 2016 Review

(PRO Only)

ASIS is done. We were at the show and have coverage of the show floor, and highlights from manufacturers in this report that we will update throughout the show. Axis 20MP Camera The Axis 20 MP camera was drawing a lot of traffic in Axis' booth. ...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago

The $500 FLIR Thermal Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

$5,000 thermal cameras were super 'cheap' not too long ago. Then $2,000 thermal cameras shocked people in 2012. Now, we have thermals cameras under $500, coming from the biggest name in the thermal business - FLIR. The 'catch' is that the new ~...

By Ethan Ace - about 3 years ago

New 'Low Cost' Thermal Zoom Camera

(PRO Only)

Zoom thermal cameras have typically been feasible only to those with the largest budgets, requiring expensive cooled cameras with six figure price tags. Now, Sierra Olympic claims to bring this capability to the commercial market at breakthrough p...

By Ethan Ace - almost 4 years ago

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