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Video Retention Standards - Need Industry Clearinghouse

Beyond CODECS, a need exists for video standards of care, as a supermarket court case below demonstrates. The rules and regulations concerning retention of video information electronically captured by CCTV and IP video recording systems varies in...

By Severin Sorensen - over 10 years ago

Using Video Surveillance to Fight Terrorism

The Mumbai attacks raise questions about security enhancements. What can CCTV or video surveillance do to address terrorist attacks such as Mumbai?  While the immediate reaction is always to spend money on new security systems, what is the best wa...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Will ONVIF or PSIA win the IP Camera Standards Battle?

While momentum grows for IP camera standards, significant questions exist as to what will happen with ONVIF and PSIA.  They are two groups pursuing the same fundamental goal of brining interoperability to IP cameras. As such they are direct compet...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Benefits of Standards for Specifying IP Cameras

Specifications are valuable but often are done poorly, creating problems or biasing the bid.  Such challenges are magnified with digital and IP video where multiple codecs and multiple resolutions become commonplace. Just like we can benefit from...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

The Impact of PCI Compliance on DVR and NVRs

Surveillance vendors who sell to retail merchants have undoubtedly heard about PCI compliance, but may not understand exactly what it is and how it impacts the security industry. My company, 3xLogic, recently successfully completed a comprehensive...

By Dave Nieweg - almost 11 years ago

Megapixel Cameras - The Future of CCTV

Megapixel IP security cameras deliver one great benefit that traditional analogue CCTV cameras just cannot match, you'll all be using them tomorrow, read on to find out why (Also read my blog for more good information on IP video).The Analogue CCT...

By IPVM - almost 11 years ago

Exploring Details on H.264 Megapixel Cameras

H.264 megapixel camera support may be the hottest topic in all of video surveillance today. Nevertheless, details on how H.264 megapixel cameras will work have been somewhat hard to find. Of the megapixel H.264 offerings, Arecont Vision's H.264'...

By John Honovich - almost 11 years ago

Breaking Standards is Good

Attacking proprietary systems is en vogue but it's only breaking from standards where innovation occurs. The irony is IT players entering physical security have most seriously broken standards and their breaking of standards is driving the innova...

By John Honovich - about 11 years ago

Displaying 'Standards' tags 126 - 133 of 133 in total