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InVid Flaunts Violating FDA Guidelines

InVid Tech is showcasing an open violation of FDA fever screening guidelines by touting "simultaneous detection of fevers" despite explicit FDA...

By Charles Rollet - over 2 years ago (Info+)

Faked Convergint Fever Camera 'Expert' Marketing

Convergint touts they are "THERMAL CAMERA SOLUTION EXPERTS" while faking their main marketing image. This continues a trend of manufacturers,...

By John Honovich and Joey Walter - over 2 years ago

Detecting Coronavirus Fevers With Thermal Cameras

MAY 2020 Update: This post was our early examination of these systems being used in the pandemic. For more up to date coverage, see The Booming...

By Ethan Ace, John Honovich, and Charles Rollet - almost 3 years ago

Displaying 'Standards' tags 76 - 100 of 232 in total