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FDA Defines Correct Operation of "Fever Cameras"

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The US FDA has now defined the correct operation of "Thermal Imaging Systems", colloquially known as "fever cameras". Many in video surveillance have interpreted the FDA's decision to temporarily lift 510(k) clearance requirements for fever c...

By Charles Rollet - 32 minutes ago

JCI "Fever Camera" Partners With China TVT

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Johnson Controls (JCI) is the next big player to get into the 'fever camera' market. IPVM has confirmed the company is partnering with TVT who has also recently entered this market. Inside this note, based on feedback from JCI, we examine: ...

By John Honovich - 7 days ago

ProCam Low-Cost Open Thermal Temperature Project

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An engineering professor in Switzerland is building what he hopes will be the world's lowest-cost fever camera, costing a fraction of commercial offerings today. In this post, based on an interview the project's founder Touradj Ebrahimi, we e...

By Charles Rollet - 14 days ago

World IEC Fever Screening Standards Explained

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While 'fever detection' is new to most people, the technology has been practiced for many years and has a series of international standards that we explain herein. In particular, the world's two top international standards groups, the IEC and...

By Charles Rollet - 22 days ago

Vehicle Gate Access Control Guide

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Vehicle gate access control demands integrating various systems to keep unauthorized cars out. Everything from high voltage electrical, to concrete modification, trenching, welding, low voltage systems (<50 volts), and manual labor is requir...

By Brian Rhodes - 2 months ago

Detecting Coronavirus Fevers With Thermal Cameras

MAY 2020 Update: This post was our early examination of these systems being used in the pandemic. For more up to date coverage, see The Booming Multi-Billion Coronavirus Fever Camera Market and World IEC Fever Screening Standards Explained as wel...

By Ethan Ace, John Honovich, and Charles Rollet - 2 months ago

BICSI For IP Video Surveillance Guide

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Spend enough time around networks and eventually someone will mention BICSI, the oft-referenced but only vaguely known standards body prevalent in the IT world. The question is: how do BICSI and their guidelines practically affect your surveillanc...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

IR Surveillance Camera Guide

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Integrated infrared (IR) cameras are everywhere in 2020, but not all IR is created equal, with many differences in coverage, overexposure, underexposure, handling moving objects, and more. In this guide, we examine these elements in detail to h...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Network Cabling for Video Surveillance

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In this guide, we explain the fundamentals of network cabling for video surveillance networks, how they should be installed, and the differences in testing them for production networks. Specifically, we examine: Network Cabling Defined Netw...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Horizontal Cabling for Video Surveillance Guide

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There are a few options when it comes to professionally installing horizontal cabling for video surveillance networks. The three options examined here are: 'Direct Attached', where the first terminates the field cabling with an RJ45 modular plu...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

Directory of Access Reader Manufacturers

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Credential Readers are one of the most visible and noticeable parts of access systems, but installers often stick with only the brand they always use. What other options are in the market? This directory tracks 30+ players in this market and id...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

The Access Control Codes Guide: IBC, NFPA 72, 80 & 101

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For access, there is one basic maxim: Life safety above all else. But how do you know if all applicable codes are being followed? While the basic maxim is simple to understand, many potential variations of rules exist, and access control profes...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 months ago

Alarm Veteran "Demands A Criminal Investigation" Of UL

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The Interceptor's Project pressure against UL continues to rise. Following Keith Jentoft's allegation that "UL Has Blood On Their Hands", Jentoft has provided a letter from 36-year alarm veteran Peter Goldring sent to UL. Goldring declares that...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 7 months ago

"UL Has Blood On Their Hands" Alleges The Interceptor / Keith Jentoft

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"UL has blood on their hands" alleges Keith Jentoft of "The Interceptor Project". We examined The Interceptor in-depth last year, see: The Interceptor Aims To Fix Vulnerability In Millions of Alarm Systems. Now, we examine Jentoft's allegation...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 8 months ago

Open Access Controller Guide (Axis, HID, Isonas, Mercury)

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In the access control market, there are many software platforms, but only a few companies that make non-proprietary door controllers. Recently, Axis released a 3rd party-only controller and Isonas joined 'Openness' ranks, while HID purchased Me...

By Brian Rhodes - 8 months ago

Honeywell Speaks On NDAA Ban, New Non-Banned Cameras and Cybersecurity

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For years, Honeywell has depended on Dahua, a company with a poor cybersecurity track record and now banned by the US NDAA, for the development and manufacturing of 'Honeywell' branded IP cameras. Now, after years of silence, Honeywell has spok...

By John Honovich - 10 months ago

HD Analog vs IP Guide

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For years, HD resolution and single cable signal/power were IP camera advantages, with analog cameras limited to much lower resolution and requiring separate power and video cables. However, in new HD analog cameras, AHD, CVI, and TVI have made si...

By IPVM Team - 10 months ago

Poor OSDP Usage Statistics 2019

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OSDP certainly offers advantages over decades-old Wiegand (see our OSDP Access Control Guide) but new IPVM statistics show that usage of OSDP, even in new readers, is extremely low. Inside this report, we examine the trends and the key reasons ...

By Brian Rhodes - 11 months ago

Maglocks Usage Statistics 2019

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Maglocks divide access control specifiers perhaps more than any other component. Many are concerned about life safety codes, but others cite benefits such as being less expensive. How frequently are maglocks used? 150+ integrators told us how ...

By IPVM Team - 11 months ago

China PRC Government New National Video Surveillance Standards

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The People's Republic of China (PRC) government has released a new set of overarching standards for authorities to follow when they install video surveillance networks across the country. The standards were drafted over several years by Chinese po...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 year ago

Access Control Request to Exit (RTE) Tutorial

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For access controlled doors, especially those with maglocks, 'Request to Exit', or 'RTE' devices are required to override electrified locks to guarantee free egress. Inside we examine these key RTE factors: The Common RTE Devices: REX and Pu...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

ADT's Top Dealer "The Defenders" Sued 20+ Times

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ADT's largest authorized dealer, The Defenders, has been sued more than 20 times since 2012, IPVM has verified through analyzing legal records. In February 2019, we examined how ADT And 'The Defenders' Silent About Massive Complaints and was ti...

By Dan Gelinas - about 1 year ago

Verkada Gets Half Billion Dollar Valuation

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Last week, when we profiled Verkada (The Fastest Growing Video Surveillance Sales Organization Ever - Verkada), we predicted they would raise $40 million. Now, Verkada has raised $40 million at an astounding (for video surveillance standards) $...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

ONVIF Favorability Results 2019

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In the past decade, ONVIF has grown from a reaction to the outside Cisco-lead PSIA challenge, to being the de facto video surveillance standard officially supported by 11,000 products and thousands of more illicitly. Integrators have responded p...

By IPVM Team - about 1 year ago

Church Technology Director Security Interview

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With 40+ years of experience in IT from a wide array of verticals, including US and foreign military, and large corporate and industrial settings, retired IT professional Richard Buckmaster [link no longer available] now applies his years of exper...

By Dan Gelinas - about 1 year ago

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