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Avigilon Analyst's Theory On Ex-Execs: "Road to Riches"

Avigilon's stock tumbled after their CFO departed, a culmination of 4 executives out in half a year. Many investors and financial press commentators cited 'management turnover' as a concern. Now, an Avigilon analyst has an intriguing new theory a...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Manufacturers Sound Off On Milestone's Acquisition

The consensus of manufacturers is that Milestone will be weakened in the aftermath of their sell off to Canon. VMS rivals are especially excited about this turn of events while camera manufacturers are dismayed. Over 100 manufacturers responded t...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Why Dahua Should Acquire Pelco

In 2013, negotiations for mega Chinese manufacturer Hikvision to acquire Pelco broke down. At that time, we argued that it was a bad fit. However, there is another mega Chinese manufacturer, who would make perfect sense to acquire Pelco. In this...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Winner and Losers of the Milestone Deal

An industry changing event. Canon's acquisition of Milestone will impact the industry for years to come. But who fared the best and worst from the deal? Here are our picks: Winners Canon Milestone's Share Holders Milestone's VMS Competito...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Global Video Surveillance Growth Rates Declining Sharply

Just a few months ago, recall the hype for the video surveillance market growing 80% over the next few years. Well, not so fast. IMS / IHS's new numbers quietly but clearly show significant declines in estimates for 2013 market size, 2013 growth ...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Pelco Major Rep Shakeup

Pelco has ended their relationship with 5 of 8 Noth American manufacturer representatives while bringing on 2 new firms. These moves have caused significant concern and discussion amongst dealers. In this note, we examine them, including feedback...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Manufacturers, 12 Tips for Getting Covered

Here are our 12 top tips for manufacturers to get covered on IPVM and other publications, a recap of our live webinars held on May 22nd and May 28th: The top 2 manufacturer PR problems Issue real Press Releases Release them using a wire servi...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Industry News Roundup May 2014

Monitoring over 100 surveillance sites, the IPVM Spider picks up 300+ pieces of news each month. Here are 18 of the most noteworthy news items, including from Milestone, Mobotix, Axis, Avigilon, Dropcam, Tyco and more:

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Avigilon CFO Out and Q1 2014 Financials Reviewed

Avigilon's revenue increased 74% year over year, powered by foreign exchange rate swings and the inclusion of VideoIQ revenue. Avigilon's CFO exited the day before, the 4th executive gone in 6 months (after marketing, operations and HR), triggeri...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

How Well Do Integrators Know Their Stuff?

Integrators, how well do you know your stuff? We are expanding our industry leading quiz program to add 2 new quizzes, targeted at both integrator technical and sales people. Members, you can take them below OR if you are a group admin you can a...

By IPVM Team - over 6 years ago

IP Camera Buyer's Guide 2014

The 2014 IPVM IP Camera Buyer's Guide provides recommendations on the right types of cameras to choose, the strongest manufacturers to consider and the best overall values. Trending Manufacturers We explain what manufacturer's products have si...

By Ethan Ace - over 6 years ago

'Industry Experts' = Marketing Scam

Industry experts? It's a marketing scam. Trade mags, SIA and manufacturers all love to tout their 'industry experts'. That and their equally demented twin, 'thought leaders'. Unfortunately, there is almost no expertise nor thought involved. When...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Avigilon EVP Out, Schmode Consolidates Power

[link no longer available]Avigilon's EVP Operations, Chris Ross [link no longer available], a former executive at Ericcson, Qualcom and Novatel Wireless, has 'resigned'. Now, just months after taking over marketing, Bryan [link no longer availa...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Avigilon Financials and 2014 Future Plans

Avigilon's 2013 financial report and investor conference call gave insights into their current performance and future plans including timetable for VideoIQ integration, areas of expansion and why Avigilon's CEO believe Axis sells 'just widgets'. ...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Driving Device Can Save Integrators Thousands?

You might have great employees in your security company, but they could be better drivers. A new device boasts it will save thousands by telling you how to do it right. Furthermore, it claims to be an easy plugin fit for most fleet vehicles. No...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Axis American Expansion Plan Examined

Surveillance manufacturers generally only have a single office even in a large country like the US. Now, Axis' ambitious expansion plan has them poised to open six US office "to get even closer to partners and joint customers." In this note, based...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Axis Slow Growth Returns - Q4 2013

The seesaw continues and this time, it is going down. Pace Q3 2013's robust 27% growth in local currencies, in Q4, Axis growth dropped more than half to a pedestrian 12%. In this note, we review the details of their Q4 report and powerpoint deck...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

How Integrators Differentiate Against Their Competitors

We asked over 100 integrators how they differentiate against their competitors, with the following open ended question: With barriers to entry so low, product availability easier than ever and so many people claiming to be 'integrators', it can...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Video Insight Marketing Stunt or $250K Surveillance Donation?

A quarter million dollar donation of video surveillance systems will be made this year, by a single manufacturer, says Video Insight. That's quite an offer, much higher than anything we have ever seen. But is there a catch? Is this just a stunt? I...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Product vs Labor Sales Breakdown

IPVM survey results reveal that 50% to 75% of the price of a surveillance project goes to product sales, with the remainder for labor. In this note, we share respondent's commentary and explain the key factors impacting this breakdown.

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Milestone Adds Manufacturer Reps

A number of prominent manufacturers, like Axis, Avigilon, Genetec and Milestone, use their own internal sales people rather than manufacturer representatives. Now, in a surprising move, Milestone is adding manufacturer representatives in North Ame...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Avigilon Key Executive Keith Marett Gone

Gone. The self proclaimed [link no longer available] "principal designer of Avigilon’s global expansion and industry ownership" is out and looking for a new job [link no longer available]. Can Avigilon survive? Is this the error that crashes thei...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Microsoft's CSO Mike Howard Is Full Of It

This is the worst, most disingenuous security advice I have ever seen... And the best, most cunning sales and marketing campaign possible. [link no longer available]Over the last few years, Microsoft's Chief Security Officer, Mike Howard [link ...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Rivals Sound Off On Avigilon 2013

Over 50 manufacturers answered IPVM's survey today, following Avigilon's revenue doubling announcement. Inside this note, we break down the key claims and color commentary offered about Avigilon, including quite a number of insights into why they ...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Axis Sales Essentials Training Reviewed

Axis has been barnstorming across the US, with a 1 day training course to "ignite new and run-rate business" for attendees. And at $99 for the day plus a camera included, it certainly is not expensive. But is it even worth the time invested? In th...

By Derek Ward - almost 7 years ago

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