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Verkada's Chairman Touts Lock-In

(Member Only)

"So, like, you are not taking it down" boasts Verkada's Chairman Hans Robertson as he explained his business model to lock-in Verkada end users, making him more money and putting his customers at severe long-term risk. This one-minute video expla...

By John Honovich - about 23 hours ago

TVT Revenue and Profits Up, Strengthened by Summer Fever Camera Boom

(Member Only)

Many Western users may be unfamiliar with TVT, a Shenzhen company that OEMs for companies including Avycon, Speco, InVid, and Vitek. However, TVT has had a strong 2020. In this note, IPVM examines TVT's 2020 performance thus far, its Q3 2020 ...

By Isabella Cheng - 8 days ago

China Dali Financials Show Fever Camera Demand Fall

(Member Only)

Zhejiang Dali, one of China's original thermal technology developers had excellent growth of 169% in H1 2020 with booming overseas fever camera sales but now reports fever camera demand has slowed significantly. In this post, we examine Zheji...

By Isabella Cheng - 12 days ago

Best Alternatives To Dahua and Hikvision

(Member Only)

With the NDAA ban in effect and human rights sanctions against Dahua and Hikvision, one of the most common questions IPVM members ask is what alternatives to those companies for low-cost offerings. We asked integrators, with 200 respondents a...

By IPVM Team - 15 days ago

Coronavirus Impact on Integrators November 2020

(Member Only)

After battling Coronavirus for most of 2020, 200 integrators told IPVM the impact continues to decline but the fight rages for many. Compare to our Spring reports statistics - in April, when coronavirus impact was at its worst and May when in...

By Brian Rhodes - 19 days ago

LTS CEO Interviewed

(Member Only)

LTS has emerged as a significant distributor as well as Hikvision OEM over the past decade, but its leadership and origins have remained unclear while its business has grown. IPVM spoke with Grant Long, CEO of LTS, to learn more about LTS inc...

By Isabella Cheng - 21 days ago

Cameras for $20: IPVM Tours São Paulo's "CCTV" Street

(Member Only)

IPVM visited an 800-meter-long (875 yds.) street in São Paulo, Brazil where you can find over two dozen video surveillance vendors, as overviewed below: In this note, IPVM covers: The Location Rua Santa Ifigênia Intelbras's Domestic Domina...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 22 days ago

FLIR EST Temperature Sales Fall 55%

(Member Only)

The boom is busting. In the latest sign, FLIR's Q3 2020 results show that sales of Elevated Screening Temperature (EST) have fallen 55.5% compared to the previous quarter. Inside this note, we examine FLIR's Q3 2020 results, how and why EST sal...

By IPVM Team - 22 days ago

Recruiters Show 2020 On-Demand Recordings

Recordings from the 12 recruiter presentations are now available below. Show Takeaways The following themes emerged from the show: Candidates Contact Recruiters: Candidates seeking help from recruiters should reach out and become a known...

By Donald Maye - 25 days ago

Consultants Show 2020 On-Demand Recording

Recordings from the consultant show are available on-demand at the end of this report. Consultants presented / pitched themselves to IPVM members. Rather than a 'thought leadership' type generic training, consultants and recruiters will speak...

By Donald Maye - 26 days ago

Biggest Problems Selling Access Control 2020

(Member Only)

Access control can cause integrators big headaches. What practical issues do they face selling and installing them? ~200 integrators told us the biggest problem they face when selling electronic access control and why those particular problem...

By Brian Rhodes - 26 days ago

Taiwan Geovision AI Analytics and NDAA Examined

(Member Only)

Taiwan manufacturer Geovision's revenue has been falling for years. However, can its new AI analytics and opportunities from NDAA turn things around? IPVM spoke with Geovision USA's President, David Huang, and Business Development Manager, Jo...

By Isabella Cheng - 26 days ago

Verkada Fires 3

(Member Only)

Verkada has fired three employees over an incident where female colleagues were sexually harassed on Slack over a year ago, with Verkada's CEO declaring "I am sorry" that "our initial disciplinary measures fell short" even though days ago he said ...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - 27 days ago

Hikvision Q3 2020 Global Revenue Rises, US Revenue Falls

(Member Only)

While Hikvision's global revenue rises driven by domestic recovery, its US revenue continues to fall due to "politics and the epidemic." In this post, we examine Hikvision's Q3 2020 financial disclosures and what this means for Hikvision goin...

By Isabella Cheng - 28 days ago

VICE Investigates Verkada's Harassing "RawVerkadawgz"

This month, IPVM investigated Verkada's sexism, discrimination, and cultural challenges. Now, VICE News has conducted its own in-depth investigation building upon IPVM's reporting. Key new items VICE found include: VICE found that the Sla...

By IPVM Team - 29 days ago

Dahua Revenue Grows But Profits Down, Cause Unclear

(Member Only)

While Dahua's overall revenue was up more than 12% in Q3 2020, a significant improvement from the first half of 2020, the company's operating profit is down. In this post, we examine Dahua's Q3 2020 financial disclosures and what this means f...

By Isabella Cheng - about 1 month ago

Longse Promoting Hikvision Partner Fullhan Chip Based Cameras

(Member Only)

With Huawei HiSilicon production being shut down at TSMC, camera manufacturers are pressed to find alternative SoC solutions. Longse, a China manufacturer, is now promoting its switch from HiSilicon to Fullhan chip cameras. While Fullhan is n...

By Isabella Cheng - about 1 month ago

Verkada Faces Sexism, Discrimination, And Cultural Challenges

Photos of female employees taken from Verkada's own video surveillance system were passed around by Verkada sales managers captioned with graphic sexual comments, causing strife within the Silicon Valley unicorn. Verkada, which has received $...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

17 Alarm Company Lawsuits Against Competitors Faking Them

(Member Only)

Alarm companies suing rivals for faking them are commonplace, an IPVM investigation into court records show. Inside this report, we examine cases including: ADT Sues Safe Home Security CPI Sues Vivint ADT Sues Vivint (2020) ADT Sues Nor...

By Joey Walter - about 2 months ago

Multilaser / Giga Security Brazil Company Profile

(Member Only)

As part of our expanded Latin America coverage, IPVM is profiling regional industry players. While Multilaser is not well known globally, they are a notable Brazil-based security provider. In July, we profiled Brazil’s biggest CCTV camera man...

By Robert Wren Gordon - about 2 months ago

Ava / Vaion Releases Cloud Connected IP Cameras, Verkada Competitor

(Member Only)

Ava (formerly Vaion) announced its new direct-to-cloud AVA Aware IP cameras at the 2020 IPVM Fall New Products Show, making it a competitor to Verkada in the growing cloud connected camera space. However, Ava is taking a different approach th...

By Sean Patton - about 2 months ago

ButterflyMX Raises $35 Million

(Member Only)

Startup ButterflyMX has raised $35 million for its smartphone based intercom systems, planning to add 80 employees and expand its product line with the funding. What will they do with the funding to keep growing? How do they compare with othe...

By Joey Walter - about 2 months ago

Displaying 'Sales' tags 1 - 25 of 780 in total