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Evolv: "We're A Channel First Company"

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Evolv is one of the newest physical security unicorns, raising nearly $500 million earlier this year, and now rapidly expanding its sales organization. We spoke with Evolv's CRO A.J. De Rosa who declared that Evolv is a "channel first...

By Isabella Cheng and John Honovich - 1 day ago

Damaging A Company's Brand, While Growing Sales

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While both sales and brand are important to businesses, often companies rapidly and happily grow sales while brushing off long-term damage to the company's brand. This might even be the 'rational' economic approach but often, years later, the...

By John Honovich - 4 days ago

ADI USA Adds UNV, Then Removes

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With the NDAA ban and the impending FCC ban, long-time Hikua promoter ADI has been seeking alternatives. ADI USA added UNV (Uniview) recently but then removed them, hours after IPVM inquired. In this note, we examine this move, how it impacts...

By Ethan Ace - 6 days ago

20 Dahua Partners Ask FCC Not To Ban Dahua

20 Dahua partners have submitted comments to the US government, urging the FCC not to ban Dahua despite Dahua admitting 2 more major vulnerabilities this month. Dahua dealers join Hikvision ones petitioning the US government, though 50+...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 13 days ago

Agent Vi Acquired By Sweden's Irisity

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Agent Vi, one of the oldest video surveillance analytics developers, has been acquired by Irisity, a publicly-traded, though mostly unknown, Swedish company. Inside this note, based on feedback from Irisity CEO Marcus Bäcklund, we examine the...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - 18 days ago

Dahua H1 2021 Results Examined

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Dahua posted strong ~37% H1 2021 revenue growth, rebounding from 2020, when sales declined slightly as the pandemic progressed . In this report, we examine Dahua's H1 2021 financials, including: H1 2021 revenue Domestic v. Overseas...

By Isabella Cheng - 20 days ago

Evolv Q2 2021 Financials Examined

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Having gone public earlier this year, raising nearly a half billion, Evolv released its first public financials, with Q2 2021 revenue up 590% year over year, though from a very low base. In this report, IPVM examines Evolv's Q2 2021...

By Isabella Cheng - 21 days ago

90+ Hikvision Partners Ask US FCC Not To Ban Hikvision

97 Hikvision partners have submitted comments to the US government, urging the FCC not to ban the PRC China government-controlled manufacturer. This comes shortly after Hikvision mass emailed partners urging them to submit comments to the FCC...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 21 days ago

Vietnam Manufacturer Bkav / AI View Enters Video Surveillance

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While foreign companies are increasingly moving manufacturing to Vietnam, Bkav is the first domestic Vietnam company claiming to both develop and manufacture video surveillance in Vietnam, with its "AI View". We spoke with company VP Tommy Le...

By Ethan Ace and John Honovich - 26 days ago

Florida County Orders Removal Of 98 Flock Safety LPR Cameras

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Last month, Flock Safety received $150 million from mega VC firm A16Z and, at the same, installed 98 LPR cameras in a Florida county, free of charge, without the knowledge of key county officials and without proper permits. But despite the...

By Isabella Cheng - 26 days ago

Georgia Integrator Defends 70 Hikvision Fever Camera Install

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The owner of the Georgia integrator who sold 70 Hikvision fever cameras which were recently shut down spoke to IPVM at length and explained what happened, from his perspective. Inside this note, Billy Ray Griffith of Ultimate Security spoke...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 28 days ago

"We Are Not Going Anywhere" Says Hikvision USA Longest Tenured Employee

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Hikvision USA employees were defiant, with the organization's longest-tenured employee, Brad Heckelman, delivering an impromptu 3-minute speech at the start of an ADI Philadelphia Expo presentation addressing rumors and declaring that Hikvision...

By Gurami Jamaspishvili and Donald Maye - about 1 month ago

Verkada False And Manipulative Facial Recognition Strategy

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Verkada is falsely and manipulatively alleging its facial recognition is "not facial recognition" and is "very different from facial recognition" as legal bans and ethical concerns rise against facial recognition. This became a public issue...

By Isabella Cheng and John Honovich - about 1 month ago

Security Company Fined by FTC for Abusive Telemarketing Practices

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A US security company was fined $9.85 million by the FTC in 2020 for calling consumers on the National Do Not Call Registry, demonstrating the FTC will enforce the law against abusive telemarketing. In this report, IPVM examines the case,...

By Isabella Cheng - about 1 month ago

Latin America Video Surveillance Sales Not Transparent Says NGO

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Hikvision, Dahua, Huawei, ZTE, AnyVision, and NTechLabs are among more than a dozen industry companies named in a recent report by US-based NGO Access Now as having sold technology to Latin American governments “without sufficient transparency or...

By Robert Wren Gordon - about 1 month ago

Motorola Paid $297 Million For Openpath

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Motorola Solutions has disclosed it paid $297 million for Openpath, the 5-year old access control startup, it announced acquiring last month. $297 million is a significant amount for a company with such a low revenue base but investors are...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

RaySharp IPOs, 2020 Financials Examined

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RaySharp has gone public driven by its manufacturing for partners such as Hanwha, Huawei, Lorex, and Swann. However, its financials were mixed as one of these customers declined sharply and another ramped up. In this report, IPVM examines...

By Isabella Cheng - about 2 months ago

Wyze Raises $110 Million, Aims For World-Class AI Cameras

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Wyze has raised $110 million, more than 3 times its total previous VC funding, as the company, with fast top-line growth, has struggled with low gross margins. Inside this note, we examine this new round, the challenges the company faces,...

By John Honovich - about 2 months ago

Huawei Selects RaySharp For Surveillance Camera Manufacturing

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Huawei, China's biggest technology manufacturer, has selected RaySharp, a far smaller surveillance specialist to manufacture surveillance cameras. In this report, IPVM examines the new partnership, the effect on RaySharp’s revenue, and the...

By Isabella Cheng - about 2 months ago

Huawei Expands To Russia Mass Market

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Huawei video surveillance overseas is typically project-based but Huawei is now expanding into the Russian mass-market sales. This fits with Huawei's intentions to enter the “Top Three Global Position” in video surveillance. Inside this...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

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