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The 2018 Surveillance Industry Guide

The 300 page, 2018 Video Surveillance Industry Guide, covering the key events and the future of the video surveillance market, is now available, group members can request a PDF copy be emailed to them, all personal members can access all reports l...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

CES 2018 Show Final Report

(PRO Only)

This is IPVM's final edition of our 2018 CES show report. Below are already numerous images and commentary, with more coming tomorrow.   CES is far far bigger than even big security shows like ISC West (the CES show floor covers 2,500,000 square...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

MIT Biggest Failures: Knightscope Robots

(PRO Only)

From the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the MIT Technology review has picked a security industry company among its "Biggest Technology Failures of 2017". Making the list next to Juicero, the failed startup with an over-fu...

By Brian Karas - about 2 months ago

Fired: Robot Buyers Risk Brand Damage

(PRO Only)

Fired. The robot definitely, and maybe the security buyer as well, depending on how bad things get. Suffice to say, most security managers are focused on managing and mitigating risk, not increasing it in an attempt to go 'viral'. First, a rob...

By John Honovich - 2 months ago

Robot Vandalism

(PRO Only)

Vandalism of security systems is a common concern. It is so common that camera vandalism statistics show that designers routinely sacrifice camera optimal viewing positioning to mount cameras high and far enough away to minimize vandalism. This s...

By John Honovich - 3 months ago

Honeywell Crowdfunding Bombs

(PRO Only)

100,000+ employees and $40,000,000,000 in annual revenue. That's Honeywell. ~200 backers and ~$67,000 in funding in a week. That's Honeywell crowdfunding campaign for its 'smart home security system.' It is a dealer-angering dud. But we see som...

By John Honovich - 4 months ago

Knightscope Rockets To $20 Million Funding

Knightscope is celebrating. 15 months after running over a child and 3 months after a Knightscope robot drowned, Knightscope is having the last laugh, maxing out their $20 million fund raising. That is a lot of money for this space, especially r...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

ASIS Show 2017 Final Report

(PRO Only)

ASIS is in Dallas for 2017 and this is our final show report (compare to our 2016 ASIS show report). When walking in, one is greeted with Dahua's advertising: Fitting, given the big news of the week is Dahua (and their OEMs) recorders hit with...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

Startup Turing Video Segway-Based Security Robot Profile

(PRO Only)

If security robots can not replace guards, perhaps the next best thing is a robot the guard can actually ride.  Turing Video has raised $5 million, and is bringing to market a robot security guard that can not only detect security violations, usi...

By Brian Karas - 6 months ago

Knightscope Raises $10 Million With $3,320 Average Per Investor

(PRO Only)

Congrats to Knightscope. And condolences to their legion of little investors. Knightscope has disclosed they have raised $10+ million from their SeedInvest fundraising, from 3,000+ investors. Here is the current tally: That works out to an av...

By John Honovich - 6 months ago

Security Robots Are Just Entertainment

(PRO Only)

Great entertainment, no real security value.  That is the happy (or sad) state of security robots in 2017. Knightscope robot's drowning, the global sensation it caused and Knightscope's joking response makes that clear. The entertainment valu...

By John Honovich - 7 months ago

Knightscope Laughs off Robot Drowning

A day after a Knightscope robot drowned, Knightscope has issued an 'official statement' making fun of the issue: The implied message is that this is no big deal. It is a fascinating take. On the one hand, it is hard to take a scene like thi...

By John Honovich - 7 months ago

'Suicidal' Knightscope Robot Drowns

Knightscope continues its hyper growth, at least when it comes to controversy, this time with a 'suicidal' robot in Washington DC. And here is another view of the Knightscope robot out of action:   Ironically, Knightscope is right now sel...

By John Honovich - 7 months ago

Cobalt Security/Office Robot Examined

(PRO Only)

Cobalt's robot promises a high tech design without looking like R2D2. The robot was styled by the same company that has done designs for Jawbone, Prada, Samsung, and other big consumer brands. But is a high-tech design enough to differentiate it? ...

By Brian Karas - 10 months ago

A Marketing Home Run For Knightscope - Man Attacks Robot

(PRO Only)

We criticize Knightscope regularly - their lack of revenue, their trying to fool mom 'n pop investors, their associating themselves with a clueless company, Jim Cramer's nonsense 'interview', etc., etc. Overall, Knightscope is a company far far...

By John Honovich - 10 months ago

A New Low For Knightscope - Just $3! (And Now A T-Shirt)

Take a look: Did you think, even for a fraction of a second, "$3 per share, could be a good deal"? If so, you should not invest in anything. Simply put your money underneath your mattress and save yourself. The price per share is irrelevant, a...

By John Honovich - 11 months ago

Best and Worst - ISC West 2017 Show Report

(PRO Only)

IPVM went to Las Vegas, examining what vendors are showcasing and what is new. Attendance was up, according to the show, and was certainly well attended. This is our final edition of the show report covering all 3 days of exhibits and key takeaw...

By IPVM Team - 11 months ago

Robot Startup NXT Profile

(PRO Only)

The security robot market may be the most rapidly growing industry segment, at least from a supply perspective. IPVM has already covered robots and drones including: Gamma2 Knightscope Sharp SMP Aptonomy Nightingale NXT Robotics has an...

By Brian Karas - 12 months ago

Artificial Intelligence Robot Assistant (ACTi)

(PRO Only)

Has artificial intelligence come to the video surveillance industry? ACTi has released 'SARA' which it bills as an 'AI assistant that brings valuable information at your fingertips 7/24' We tried it out, spoke with ACTi about some details and bu...

By Brian Karas - about 1 year ago

Jim Cramer Sucks Up To Knightscope

(PRO Only)

Credit must be given to Knightscope. They are raising money right now and despite their $80 million pre-money valuation against a lowly sub $1 million 2016 revenue, having Jim Cramer endorse them is a great step to securing their desired $20 mill...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

The Russian SMP Security Robot

(PRO Only)

A Russian manufacturer, SMP, has a commercially available outdoor security robot, at a lower price and with much less marketing than their main competitors. How well does it work? What does it offer? We visited Make Em Move Robotics in New Jersey...

By Ari Erenthal - about 1 year ago

New CEO Leads Gamma2 Ramsee Security Robots

(PRO Only)

Security robots have gained increasing attention and controversy, with the run over child and Knightscope's ongoing claims to reduce crime. Now, the first security robot company is back with a new CEO from mega guard supplier G4S and a focus on...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

Flying Security Guard Startup Aptonomy Profile

(PRO Only)

Backed by Silicon Valley's biggest incubator and led by two robotics PhDs, Aptonomy is set to launch, what they describe, as 'flying security guards'. Founder and CEO, Mihail Pivtoraiko spoke with us about his company strategy for this report. We...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

"WTF?!?!? Who is Brian Karas?!?" Exclaims Knightscope

(PRO Only)

Knightscope co-founder Stacy Stephens emailed us: He may not have intended to send it to us and he probably can figure out who Brian Karas is, (e.g., on LinkedIn). His objection was to us criticizing his company in a recent post about their com...

By John Honovich - over 1 year ago

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