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Verkada Wins $783,000 Memphis Deal

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The US city, most famous in video surveillance for standardizing on Hikvision, has issued an RFQ for 962 Verkada cameras due Wednesday, May 1, 2019. We estimate the value to be one million dollars. Verkada has quickly emerged as a rising power...

By Dan Gelinas - over 2 years ago

City Physical Security Manager Interview

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This physical security pro is the Physical Security Manager for the City of Calgary. He is a criminologist by training with an ASIS CPP credential. He tells IPVM that managing surveillance and security for Canada’s 3rd most populous city has a...

By Dan Gelinas - over 2 years ago

Fortune 500 Company Bars Dahua and Hikvision

A Fortune 500 company has barred Dahua and Hikvision cameras from a large RFP due to cyber security concerns, IPVM has confirmed with the company. In this note, we examine the reasons, Dahua and Hikvision's cyber security issues, and why this is...

By IPVM Team - about 4 years ago

IP Camera Specification / RFP Guide 2017

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RFPs are hard. Do them 'right' and it takes a lot of knowledge and time. Do them 'wrong' and you can be (a) unwittingly locked into a specific vendor or (b) be forced to accept inferior quality products. This guide helps IP camera purchasers...

By IPVM Team - over 4 years ago

Bluebeam Revu Security Floorplan Estimation App Test

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Bluebeam Revu is a construction design markup tool that claims it is "used by 94% of top US contractors", but what role does it have for physical security professionals? In this report, we share our tested findings of Bluebeam Revu, including 2...

By Brian Rhodes - over 4 years ago

US Government Entities Hard Spec Hikvision

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The US and Chinese governments are working together. Now, US government entities are not only buying video surveillance products from the Chinese government's primarily owned manufacturer, Hikvision, they are requiring all bidders to use...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago

Poorly Written College Town Camera RFP Examined

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State College, PA issued an RFP for a neighborhood surveillance system that leaves out many key details required to invite qualified bids. We review this RFP, and the problems that can arise when too many components are left to the bidder to...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago

Large Video Surveillance Systems Guide

This 14 page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the large system surveillance market. A global group of 80 integrators responded, each offering insights in selling, implementing, and maintaining video surveillance...

By Brian Rhodes - about 6 years ago

This Spec Wizard Makes a Mockery Out of RFPs

Terrible RFPs are commonplace. If only there was a way to make it easy to generate terrible RFPs. Well, Honeywell, Vicon and Aiphone are working hard to make that happen. In this note, we look at the process and the problems involved.

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Ridiculous $100K Project / Now Stalled

Update 10/31: When we first published this in July, we broke down how flawed the RFP was. Now, the city is delaying the project as it works through its concerns. Industry professionals often complain about the effectiveness and fairness of...

By Carlton Purvis - about 8 years ago

Bad RFP Leads to Homebrew System

Bad RFPs continue to plague the industry. In the case of one city, a poorly written RFP led to a contract that likely fails to address one of the main problems they were hoping to avoid. In this note, we review the RFP and what this Illinois city...

By Ben Wood - about 8 years ago

10 Top Discussions This Summer

This year, IPVM launched its own discussions, with over 10,000 comments so far. Now, we have improved it with 12 new features. Here are 10 Top discussions that show their quality and range: Choosing a VMS: Exacq, Milestone or Avigilon An end...

By John Honovich - about 8 years ago

Design-Build - A Better RFP Process?

Almost everybody in the security industry has a horror story of a "low bid" system installation that has gone terribly wrong. Many city, county and state government entities are avoiding those pitfalls with a "design-build RFP" approach to...

By Ben Wood - over 8 years ago

The Laziest RFP Ever

Bad RFPs - out of date, vague or just plain confusing - are common. But this RFP is on a whole other level. It is as if no one even looked at it before the project was put out for bid. A small town doing this is perhaps understandable, but it is...

By Ben Wood - over 8 years ago

'Do It Yourself' RFP Problems

What's worse than having a crappy consultant prepare your RFP? Perhaps doing it yourself, as this case shows. Everyone thinks end users should be more educated and more proactive about spec-ing equipment for surveillance projects. "They should do...

By Ben Wood - over 8 years ago

Philly's Disastrous Surveillance System Investigated

Philadelphia's surveillance system is a huge mess. The last we checked, they were paying $136,000 per operational camera, with most cameras broken. Now, a new audit has been released, with more grim details, followed by more debate amongst city...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

Obtaining Copies of Government Contracts

Contracts for US public schools, airports, city, state and military security systems can typically be obtained. This can be extremely useful if you want to understand what was selected or who 'won' a project (see our reporting on contracts in...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

A Solid Proposal For a City on a Budget

It is far too common to find RFPs and proposals with missing details, inadequate equipment, and out of date specs. Indeed, it is a top industry complaint. While we find a lot of examples of what not to do, recently we came across a good example of...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

New RFP: 10 Years Out of Date

Bad RFPs are an unfortunate fact of life in video surveillance - hurting end users and frustrating quality integrators. A new RFP from Oklahoma is a great example - incredibly out of date and hard specified to a manufacturer in steep decline. In...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

The World's Most Demanding Surveillance Requirements

Qatar, the world's wealthiest country, is known for its opulence and may soon be for its mandatory first-rate surveillance systems. While many countries struggle with low quality, antiquated systems, Qatar seems intent on making every business in...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

City Wide Mesh RFP Reviewed

Mesh wireless has a dubious reputation, with many stories of system failures and finger pointing between manufacturers, integrators and end users. A Califonia city is actively looking for a new municipal surveillance system and is requesting a...

By Ben Wood - over 8 years ago

Cheap City Surveillance Case Study

City surveillance systems often cost huge amounts of money - $10,000 per camera deployed is common. One Pennsylvania city took a different approach spending less than $10,000 for the core network and adding on cameras for just $1,000 each....

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

Should Manufacturers Write A&E Specs?

Users depend on architects and engineers (A&Es) to design buildings that best meet their needs. However, many A&Es use specifications from door hardware manufacturers that give away specification writing 'services' for free, raising...

By Brian Rhodes - over 9 years ago

Reverse Auctions: A Horrible Way To Buy Security

One of the hottest procurement trends is using a ‘reverse auction’. Unlike an RFP, which typically awards a project based on multiple criteria, a ‘reverse auction’ awards solely on lowest price, usually in a manner where 'the lowest price when...

By Brian Rhodes - over 9 years ago

Firetide Failing in Dallas

While the City of Dallas is was a flagship 'win' for wireless mesh vendor Firetide, a recent RFP and numerous reports to IPVM indicate major problems for the system in Dallas. In this note, we examine what those problems are, the alternative...

By Ethan Ace - over 9 years ago

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