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Hikvision Ezviz Mini 360 Plus - $80 Autotracking Camera Tested

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Autotracking, integrated IR, local storage, full HD, cloud access: $80. That is the claim of Hikvision EZVIZ's new Mini 360 Plus. But for this rock bottom price, below even typical budget IP cameras, can it really deliver? We bought and tested...

By Ethan Ace - almost 5 years ago

Hitachi Security Industry Profile

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Hitachi, bigger than Sony and Panasonic overall, with $89 billion USD 2016 total revenue, is expanding into the security industry. They are targeting public safety applications, with a product suite that includes video analytics and a PSIM-like...

By Brian Karas - almost 5 years ago

Axis Partner Elder Care Video Analytics (Smartervision)

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Can video analytics be used to improve the care of the elderly? Axis and a video analytics startup, Smartervision, are working together to do so. In this note, we examine the solution, its pricing, objectives and potential limitations.

By Brian Karas - almost 5 years ago

Silicon Valley Startup Density Launches People Counting As A Service

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A Silicon Valley startup says their people counting sensor is so accurate it's free, just pay for the data. They recently raised $4M from a top VC and want to take on established companies in the space. We interviewed Density CEO Andrew Farrah...

By IPVM - over 5 years ago

Americans Vastly Underestimate Being Recorded on CCTV

Americans vastly underestimate how often they are recorded on CCTV, by a factor of ~10x, based on a Google Consumer Survey study that IPVM recently commissioned, raising concerns about whether the public fully understands the depth of overall...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago

Man Fights Crime With 21 Hikvision Cameras

Hero or lunatic? One man has taken the fight against crime into his own hands. His special power is CCTV and he is not afraid to use it. But many are upset that he has taken his CCTV crime fighting too far. Has he? We examine in this note.

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

Video Surveillance Commissioning / Install Checklist

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This 60+ point checklist helps end users, integrators and consultants verify that video surveillance installation is complete. It covers the following sections: Camera Physical Setup Camera View Setup Camera Network / Security...

By Ethan Ace - almost 6 years ago

Hikvision and the China Communist Party

Just days after getting $3 billion financing from the Chinese government, Hikvision celebrated opening their own Communist Party company committee. While undoubtedly a great honor and powerful move inside of China, the impact of this to the rest...

By John Honovich - almost 6 years ago

Hospital Video Surveillance Guide

This 16-page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the Hospital Surveillance market.   A global group of 50 integrators and consultants with hospital project experience responded, each offering insights in selling,...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

School Video Surveillance Guide

This 13-page in-depth guide explains the key uses, drivers, factors and players in K-12 school video surveillance systems. A global group of 80 integrators experienced in selling and implementing education surveillance systems answered these...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

German Anti-Surveillance Campaign Coming to US

The German Pirate Party recently created an anti surveillance campaign that focuses on the security (or lack of) that cameras provide people. The PP is now working on English version of the flyers to reach more of Europe and possibly cross over to...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

How Upskirt Surveillance Videos Can Be Legal

After a man was caught taking upskirt videos of women on a Boston metro route the state supreme court dismissed the case. In this note, we review the ruling and the potential for this to be an issue in other jurisdictions. The case led to a new...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

Little Brother is Watching Too

The concept of Little Brother is a play off George Orwell’s Big Brother in the book 1984, the all seeing eye of the government watching over the population from a single vantage point. Little Brother however, refers to the increase in private...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

Camera Destruction Campaign Failing

An anarchist campaign in Germany to destroy surveillance cameras spread through Europe and to the United States. But for the most part the movement seems to have burned off its momentum. Is Camover over? Don’t know what Camover is? Take a look at...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

Justin Bieber and Why Jail Bathroom Surveillance Cameras Are Legal

Justin Bieber urinating in a jail cell recently became international news, evidently for its entertainment value, despite the boring video clip released following a public records request: Many questioned why the police had surveillance cameras...

By IPVM Team - over 7 years ago

3,000 Public Surveillance Cameras - 1 Website

A new website accesses more than 3,000 surveillance cameras over the Internet. The feeds available on the site include, private homes, school classrooms, hotel lobbies and hospitals. We take a look at the site and discuss potential issues.The...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

192MP Persistent Aerial Surveillance

How many crimes take place in this photo? One company claims that their 192 MP camera array can identify and solve numerous crimes and murders, using persistent aerial surveillance The technology explored in Iraq to track IED attacks. Now,...

By Carlton Purvis - almost 8 years ago

Illegal To Post Your CCTV Footage In Ireland

Surveillance videos and images are regularly posted publicly. They're entertaining, shocking and even funny, but they also have a real impact in solving crimes and are being embraced by U.S. police. But being fined more than $100,000 for posting...

By IPVM Team - almost 8 years ago

Testing Vivotek Cube Panoramic (CC8130)

A cube panoramic? Plus a wall mount facial camera? That's what Vivotek is proposing with its recent CC8130 camera. That's certainly different from the legion of ceiling mounted minidomes that have become the industry norm (see our panoramic...

By Derek Ward - about 8 years ago

The Deadliest Tradeshow Booth?

The ASIS show floor is awash with new access control products, but Stanley Security's Iris Reader integrated door might be the deadliest. Mixing an iris reader with an automatic sliding door makes a cool booth gimmick but has little practical use...

By Brian Rhodes - about 8 years ago

US Govt Punishes IP Camera Manufacturer Trendnet

IP camera manufacturer TRENDnet has settled with the FTC after the agency says the company’s advertising, combined with failure to use “reasonable security to design and test its software” resulted in unfair trade practices. Because of security...

By IPVM - about 8 years ago

City Busted Using Spycams in Bathrooms

Surveillance cameras in bathrooms? Hard to believe. In city bathrooms? Even harder. Bought by the city itself? Almost impossible. Nonetheless, more than a dozen secret surveillance camera have been used in public bathrooms, according to an...

By Carlton Purvis - about 8 years ago

Report from a UK Surveillance Specialist

While the US has typically been either favorable or indifferent to video surveillance, the UK is especially well known for its passion, both positive and negative towards video surveillance (or what they call CCTV). To get some local insights, we...

By Carlton Purvis - about 8 years ago

Video Surveillance Rules For School Districts

As surveillance camera use by local governments has increased, so has the public's curiosity regarding how they are regulated. In response, local government's are creating surveillance guidelines to govern how their systems are used. We found a...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

Court Strikes Down Bathroom Cameras

Sex offenders were being monitored inside bathrooms by surveillance cameras. The facility was concerned that patients had been attacking each other and wanted to stop this. However, some patients complained and took the facility to court. Now, an...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago

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