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Video Surveillance Resolution Tutorial

Understanding video surveillance resolution can be surprisingly difficult and complex. While the word 'resolution' seems self-explanatory, its use...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago (Info+)

Access Strike Selection Guide

Despite being one of the most common access control components, specifying the right electric strike can be deceptively complex. Understanding...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 2 years ago (Info+)

Glossary / Acronyms for Video Surveillance

This directory provides definitions and explanations for over 90 common video surveillance industry terms, including links to related IPVM...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago

Door Hinges Guide

Some of the trickiest access control problems are caused by bad door hinges. From doors not closing right, to locks not locking, worn or...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 2 years ago (Info+)

Hanwha's Mexico Business Examined

Hanwha has become a major competitor in the US, but its Mexico and overall Latin America businesses continue to face a major branding issue, among...

By Robert Wren Gordon - almost 2 years ago (Info+)

Hikvision And China's Military

Hikvision has partnered with the PRC's military, earning top PLA supplier status, collaborating on PLA research, and more, an IPVM investigation...

By IPVM Team - about 2 years ago (Info+)

Amazon Favorability Statistics 2021

Amazon is everywhere: cameras, access control, video analytics, and more. How do security integrators feel about them? Inside, we examine...

By Ethan Ace - about 2 years ago (Info+)

Access Control Lock Guide

In this guide, we examine locks; critical elements of any security system, and fundamental parts of every access control system. Two...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 years ago (Info+)

Displaying 'Power' tags 76 - 100 of 502 in total